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Birth Preparation Articles

Birth Preparation is a topic on Mothering.

Comfort Techniques For Labor

Optimizing comfort during labor and birth can be achieved in many different ways: Environment: -- dim lights -- peaceful surroundings -- privacy -- music -- familiar objects Physical: -- walking -- pelvic rocking -- positioning pillows for comfort -- slow dancing with partner -- sitting on birth ball and swaying -- lifting up the abdomen -- "rebozo" sifting -- support from birth partner(s) Touch: -- massage -- stroking -- cuddling -- counterpressure against lower back -- acupressure Heat: -- deep tub bath -- shower -- heated rice... read more

Got Loving-Kindness to Share?

I took a Mindfulness Birthing class during my first pregnancy. On the last day, our teacher guided us through a Metta Meditation, cultivating loving-kindness towards ourselves and our babies-to-be. Our teacher had us repeat intentions including, “May my baby be healthy,” “May my delivery be safe,” and “May my baby be happy.”   In the spirit of the New Year, I invite you to participate in a collective moment of compassionate meditation. Feel free to add sentences in the comments sections.   May my baby be healthy.   May my baby be safe.   May my baby be... read more

My Son's Birth.

I am a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, cloth diapering, organic-food-only-serving, lactivist, intactivist, attachment parenting, natural-living mother & I didn’t give birth at home, with a midwife, at a free-standing birthing center, or even without the use of medication. I am very grateful for my birth experience & challenged by it as well.  My son was born healthy, vaginally.  I have dear friends who had traumatic birth experiences & I’ve read about birth rape, but I still stall over my memories of my birth experience.  Of course I have never... read more

Take Back the Baby Fair

by Sarah Juliusson of www.MamaRenew.ca – Find Mama Renew on Facebook. Several years ago a group of us came together to form The Birth Lounge, seeking to share the strong community of care that is available to support new families in our region. As we talked, we found a shared frustration with the corporate trade-shows that have become commonplace. First comes love (the sex show), then comes marriage (the bridal show), then comes baby (the baby show), and over and over again the masses fill the convention centre. High vendor prices are out of reach for... read more

Podcast Episode 5: Birth Teleseminar with Karen Brody

Subscribe here to have Mothering’s newest audio content delivered to you as it is published. Please enjoy this teleseminar on childbirth by BOLD founder Karen Brody. And don’t miss Karen’s Mothering Community birth course for a unique chance to discover support and information on your birth journey. Karen Brody is a mother of two boys, born in 1999 and 2001. In 2005 she wrote a documentary-style play called Birth, offering a portrait of how low-risk mothers are giving birth in America. As a consequence of Birth Brody founded BOLD, a global... read more

Taking Charge of a Hospital Birth: Altars, Tapestries & Tunes, Oh My!

Birth Altar set up on hospital metal tray with a sheet & a scarf Hi Friends, I had homebirths with my first two children and then, unexpectedly, found myself in need of a hospital for the birth of my third child. (Cholestasis of Pregnancy, a failure of the liver to remove toxins which can cause the placenta to collapse, especially at the end of pregnancy, thereby necessitating an induction of labor.) I entered the hospital having had two prior unmedicated five-hour homebirths, one of which was unassisted until the last two hours. I knew from... read more

Waiting for Baby

Waiting for Baby: Discovering Harmony in the Days Before Labor by Kathryn Mello May 26, 2011 Pregnancy is a phenomenal experience in and of itself, but the magic of giving birth is even more mystical. The last days leading up to labor are often anxiously awaited and endured with many uncomfortable conditions—such as extreme fatigue, sciatic, hip and back pain, diarrhea, and insomnia to name a few. Yet, no matter how restless or eager you may be during your last days with baby in utero, it’s nearly impossible not to feel excitement for the new life you’re about to... read more

New Maternity Line Provides Clothing for Moms Carrying Multiples!

This is a sponsored guest post from For Multiples Maternity. Check out their new line of maternity wear for moms carrying multiples! Grab a coupon at the end of this post. Twins are double the fun, but preparing for their arrival can be double the hassle. Now, For Multiples Maternity provides the style, stretch, and size that moms need during a multiples’ pregnancy. In the United States, approximately 69,000 sets of twins are born each year, which equals an average of 189 sets delivered each day! But, surprisingly, as the needs for twins... read more

Mothering › Birth Preparation › Birth Preparation Articles