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Body And Soul Articles

Body And Soul is a topic on Mothering.

Grief And Loss Resources

This resource list intended to be a compilation of helpful MDC threads, Mothering articles and member-recommended website links dealing with grief and loss.  MDC Discussion Threads Remembering Our Loved Ones: A Memorial Mothering Articles The Art of Grieving Gracefully It Won't Hurt Forever: Guiding Your Child Through Trauma  Raging Grief The Life and Death of a Hurricane Grief Tea Accepting the Gift: Grief and Loss His Way  My Mother, Myself Charlotte's Grace (stillbirth) My Morning Glory (neonatal death) Helpful Website... read more

Say Yes To Your Dream: How Frank Gehry Made the Leap

Even great artists sell out. Sometimes it happens post fame and fortune. Other times, as in the case of architect Frank Gehry, you sell your soul in the beginning of your career, on what you pray is your way up. It’s better to sell out early, if only because time is merciful and you can blame so much on youth and learning curves. It’s exceedingly harder to redeem yourself once you’ve let your hit song be used for a burger commercial or turned your personal touch into a franchise. So for all of you grinding gears in a day job while your heart is spinning... read more

11 Productivity Tips That Creative Types Already Know

Creative types get typecast as meandering goal setters for a reason. They tend to meander. We resist structure (even tho’ we crave it it.) We relish spontaneity (even tho’ we’re intrigued by five year goal setting plans.) We tend to be driven by inspiration (when we’re not obsessed with looking good on paper, or to our parents – who still can’t figure out how we make a living.) We get there in our own way and when the ‘flow’ works, we’re so smokin’ productive that pert charts and to-do lists cringe in the wake of our creative productivity. Creatives have a thing... read more

Stifling sensations

I worked with a TV producer once who prided herself on being disciplined. “I get up every morning at 5 am to run,” she told me over dinner. “I hate it, but it needs to be done.” And she went on to explain that for Lent, she gave up swearing and hadn’t cussed in four years, (“Even though it would feel sooo good to just say the F word sometimes!”) The following Lent, she swore off soda pop and hadn’t had so much as a sip for three years, (“Even though a Coke with these tacos would be grrreat!”) “Well that sounds like a whole lotta of fun.” I said to her. And I... read more

The Cafe Hour

The café hour came at a time when I was doing almost all of the childcare and my husband was doing almost all of the work outside the home. I realized that once a week, I needed him to come home and not only help but relieve me entirely. I needed alone time more than I needed family time. So we put it on the schedule: Thursdays, 6-7pm, my husband would take over and I would take a “cafe hour.” I was clear I needed to leave the house; if I retreated to another room and closed the door, I would still be able to hear them with their needs, demands and... read more

Interview with Moms Like Me

I was recently interviewed by MomsLikeMe.com, and I thought I’d share a snippet of the interview with the mamas here on Mothering.com. Without further ado: Q&A: Marketing and Motherhood Mold-Breaker Danielle LaPorte Danielle LaPorte. Writer. Motivational speaker. “Firestarter.” New-Age business advisor. “Super rogue” entrepreneurial creative force. Inventor of “white hot truths.” Mother. If you haven’t heard of Danielle, you need to stop what you’re doing and check her out at whitehottruth.com. While you’re at it, follow her on Twitter. You... read more


Beth, our yoga instructor, took a dry erase marker and wrote a word I’d never seen before on the board: citta. “Citta. Anyone know what it means?” she asked. She pronounced the word chitta. I was attending an all-day fertility yoga workshop, and there were about ten of us sitting in a circle. Women began guessing: love breath wisdom “Um, it’s kind of a negative thing,” Beth hinted. I made no guesses. I was stumped. “Citta. Chatter. The stuff that goes on in our heads,” Beth said. “We have so much of it. A lot of it... read more

The Wheel: Who Are The Spokes That Keep You Rolling?

  An image has come to me of a wheel. You are in the center and the spokes extend out to make the wheel. The wheel turns and carries the cart which is your family. If the wheels can’t spin, then the cart falls. At the point where each spoke connects to the wheel, there is bright light that extends to the center of the wheel where your heart is. The spokes of the wheel can be health, wealth, creativity, education, service and the sacred. Interspersed are spokes that represent your support system: grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins,... read more

Mothering › Body And Soul › Body And Soul Articles