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Families at Play: Celebrate Attachment Parenting Month with API!

Pressures are high and patience is low as parents raise their children amid greater economic stress, but playing with children relieves the stress of parenting and work! Attachment Parenting International reminds parents there is more to play during this October 2011 Attachment Parenting Month. During AP month, parents are challenged to re-examine their daily activities and traditions and learn new ways to engage respectfully with their children, in play, as a way to grow with each other and remain close. The month is marked by celebrations and awareness... read more

Co-sleeping Best For Kids up to Three-Years-Old

A new research study shows that co-sleeping is best for kids right up to ages three and four.    There is actually a wealth of research that I discuss in my book, to support co-sleeping, yet it rarely makes the headlines in the mainstream.  Most parents fear that co-sleeping and SIDS are interlinked and it simply isn’t true.  Unless you are grosly overweight, a smoker, or a heavy drinker/drug user the safest, and most desirable, place for your child is right by your side for as long as they want.   Many co-sleepers have a family room/bed that... read more

From a baby's perspective

Having my first baby rocked my world.  Used to controlling my own life, my own mealtimes, shower times, working space and appointments, suddenly my life was turned upside down.  The question was not when I could shower, but if I could shower.  I no longer had the satisfaction of writing appointments in my diary, and being on time to them.  Nothing was predictable, and this in itself was a huge change.  I often look back and reflect on how hard I found it because my baby and I seemed to be working at cross purposes.  Why, I wondered, was she on a different team? We often... read more

Attachment Parenting Month: Relax, Relate, Rejuvenate

October is Attachment Parenting Month and Mothering is once again teaming up with Attachment Parenting International (API) for some exciting events!  This year’s theme is Relax, Relate, Rejuvenate, and API has developed some great ways to bring this focus into your life. In addition to tips and resources, they are holding a blog carnival, an online auction, and a photo event–plus some great ways to connect with local moms. Find more information on AP Month below, and don’t forget to check out all of the helpful articles on Attachment Parenting on... read more

Attachment Painting

 Images of Attachment Parenting in the Life of a Painting Mom all artwork © Durga Yael Bernhard – please do not reproduce ______   SCROLL DOWN FOR POSTER SALE! 2-for-1 special on attachment parenting posters & cards ______ A painting mom?  That’s not how I usually describe myself professionally.  My online presence is that of an illustrator, author, educator, and fine artist.  But the truth is, being a mom is my main occupation.  If you read Mothering when it was a printed magazine, you... read more

What IS Attachment and How Do You Get It?

I write a lot about the central role of healthy attachment for child wellbeing. But what IS attachment and how do you get it?? It can be easy for someone like me who is steeped daily in the topic to take it for granted that people know what we mean when we say “attachment.” And as Gordon Neufeld points out*, attachment is not an intuitive word — in other words a word whose meaning is naturally and easily understood. Author of an excellent book on attachment, Hold On to Your Kids, Neufeld points out that the word attachment was invented as a way to have a... read more

Attachment Parenting Begins at Birth

Following on last week’s post about planning for a calm birth, and in honor of Attachment Parenting Month, I want to share some thoughts about the incredible and beautiful first hour after birth and its importance to the bonding between mother and baby. First, though, what do I mean by the term “attachment parenting”?  In The Attachment Parenting Book, Dr. William Sears defines “attachment parenting” as an approach rather than a set of rules: Above all, attachment parenting means opening your mind and heart to the individual needs of your baby and letting your knowledge... read more

What Impairs Attachment, and Who Repairs Attachment?

What Impairs Attachment? A big pet peeve of mine is the label “attachment disorder.” This is a diagnosis given to kids who have typically experienced severe disruption in the natural order of what should have been the effortless, instinctual connection we’re designed to make from the very beginning. They were prepared at the level of their brains, their hormones and their entire sensing organism to connect, to be skin-to-skin with oxytocin flowing and weaving the powerful bonding foundations for healthy attachment. They expected to connect. Many... read more

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