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Digging Dirt, Going Green

www.HollyHawk.com Digging Dirt Going Green By Jessica Williams, www.LoveParentingLA.com My friend is a landscape artist. She brings green things to life, beautifying everything in her path. I have had aspirations for our backyard but busy with three children and L.O.V.E. Parenting, I had yet to follow through. One Saturday, my friend took the reigns and decided to involve our children and work together to transform a portion of our yard into an edible garden. The children, five total between the ages of two and seven,... read more

Cloth Diaper Cost…is it worth it?

Each day of Real Diaper Week will focus on a different way to advocate for or educate about cloth diapers.  On Wednesday, 4/18, we’ll focus on the savings that families can achieve by choosing reusable cloth diapers, making them a great choice for low-income families.  Read on to educate yourself, then find a way to bring Real Diaper Week to your community. There are many reasons to consider using cloth diapers. You may hear things like “Do you have *any* idea how long disposable diapers will be in landfills?!” or “Have you seen the super cute new prints... read more

Celebrating the Seasons of Gardening

  What a gift these last few weeks have been. Daily temps in the 70′s accompanied by bluebird, sunny skies. We’ve been happily shrugging off long sleeves and socks in favor of sun hats and sandals. There is nothing like the warm, nurturing feel of sun on bare skin; skin that’s been covered for way too many months. For the first time this year it’s been keep-the-windows-open-while-we-sleep warm, which is worthy of celebration. No doubt we will have more snow still. Spring in Colorado can bring our biggest snowfalls. But just as the old saying... read more

Is bamboo fabric eco friendly?

I wanted to take some time this week to fill you on the information I have about bamboo! We see this fabric everywhere, but many of you wonder what the rage is? And is it founded? Here are some basic bamboo facts! • Bamboo is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers • Bamboo requires no irrigation • Bamboo rarely needs replanting • Bamboo grows rapidly and can be harvested in 3-5 years • Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen that an equivalent stand of trees • Bamboo is a critical element in the balance of oxygen and... read more

Leaving our babies a living planet

It was almost eight hours after my son was born that I first had the presence of mind to ask my husband if I could see the certificate that the birth center had made us to celebrate the birth of our son.  The ‘name’ slot was blank still at that point (my husband later filled it in), and the only identification was a beautiful tiny footprint.  It still makes me smile to think of that tiny footprint.    As I looked at my son’s footprint for the first time, the last thing that was going through my mind was our ecological footprint – which is a measure of... read more

Paper or plastic? Neither, if you worry about the planet.

This week I’m going to answer a question that many moms get asked at least once a week. Imagine the usual scenario:  Your little darling is screaming in the check out aisle.  He won’t let go of the magazine that he just grabbed somehow with his sticky hands, and, oh, he just ripped the magazine.  Wonderful.  And he NEEEEEDS that chocolate bar, and also the cough drops hanging from that clip.  You are keeping a smile pasted on your face.  You try reason.  Fail.  You try ‘toddlerese’.  Fail.  You try bribery, but not even that is working today.  And the lady... read more

Make Over Your Cleaning Cabinet

I’m a lover of all plants in all of their forms, but do seem to be on an essential oil kick lately.  They are the most potent form of herbs, and when used appropriately can do wonders.  So to continue on my essential oil rant, here’s a list of do-it-yourself cleaning products that are not only safe and super easy to make, but work just as effectively, if not more so, than anything that you’ll find at a store.   All Purpose Spray 1/4 cup white vinegar (kills germs, cuts grease, deodorizes & dissolves mineral deposits) 2 cups water,... read more

Ten tips: Beating the heat while beating back global warming

It’s not your imagination, it actually is hotter than it used to be.  Climate change has kicked in and we are breaking heat records left and right.  It was a spring for the record books and we may be in line for another record breaking summer.  No matter what state you live in, it is hotter on average now than it was forty years ago.  Of course one response to this heat is to crank up the A/C.  But unless you select a renewable energy  option from your utility (an option not everyone has), that response would actually cause more coal to be burned, and... read more

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