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A Tribute to a Father including Pat Benetar, T-Ball: a Gas Station

It was 1979 and only four girls made it to the T-ball championship game at Penmar Park, in Venice, California. The game was slated to start at 4pm on Sunday. Our family was on a backpacking trip with friends the week before the game. For some reason, the rest of the group left the trip a day early, so the last day and night my father and I got to experience the wilderness by ourselves. We spent the day scampering up a rock face that also served as a flat waterfall. There were areas so slick that a slip would have ensured a fall at least 6o feet, but... read more

Dad is all things to toddler boy - Momma is struggling: read the answer

Our friend, Ron, and his two boys; a great dad! A mother wrote into Mothering.com’s Ask The Expert about her son’s preference for his father. Enjoy this excerpt about supporting the father/son bond. Dear Friend, I am sorry for your sorrow. It is so hard not to take this personally as a mother! I would take comfort from the fact that your son prefers you dad “when you are there,” by which I could infer that you son will accept comfort and company from you when his father is not an option. Almost every son goes through a huge “daddy... read more

7 ways to be an incredible father

1. Love your children, and let them know it, even if it might feel a little awkward because your own parents were not comfortable with showing affection. 2. Be fair. So consistently that your children know they can count on your fairness, even when they don’t like it. (And as they watch you consider both sides of an issue, they’ll grow to understand that things are not ever necessarily black and white—or as simple as they might have first seemed.) 3. Listen to your children, even when their ideas might seem a little out there. (This is a corollary to... read more

behind the scenes at issue #161

How to illustrate a magazine article, in this case: an article titled “Handsome in Pink,” written by a dad, Matthew Rushford, about his little boy’s love of the color pink. 1. Hire Ben Hatke. Email Ben, whom you know from a previous job he did for Mothering, briefly describing the story, budget, and deadline. Ask whether he’s available. Send the story and an excerpt describing the scene which you think might make a good opener: I stood with my two-year-old son, gazing at the wall of shoes at Payless Shoes. In our immediate range of vision... read more


When I became a father four years ago, I knew nothing—absolutely nothing—about parenthood in America. I didn't know how to change a diaper, feed my baby, or give him a bath. I didn’t know anything about paternal leave. I didn’t know anything about the cost of childcare and preschool, or how economic forces would shape our caregiving arrangements. I hadn’t thought about how parenthood would affect our household division of labor or my relationship with my wife. I had no big ideas about what might make for a good father. And when I started to take care of my son... read more

Baby Bonding 101

The Baby Bonding Book for Dads takes dads step by step through a child's developmental stages and suggests ways for them to bond with their children at each one. Written by husband-and-wife team James di Properzio and Jennifer Margulis, with photos (you can see two of them here) by Christopher Briscoe, this new book reminded me (once again) how much fatherhood has changed over the past century. It's easy to take the changes for granted, and many people do. A century ago--a quarter-century ago, even--an ideological concrete barrier with barbed wire on top divided... read more

Mom in the driver's seat?

A new study finds that "mothers play an important role in determining how much fathers get involved in taking care of their infants": A study of 97 couples found that fathers were more involved in the day-to-day care of their infants when they received active encouragement from their wife or partner. In fact, this encouragement was important even after taking into account fathers' and mothers' views about how involved dads should be, the overall quality of the couple's parenting relationship, and how much mothers worked outside the home. In addition,... read more

Father's Day Books!

It's true--fathers are rare in children's books, especially when it comes to images of them taking care of kids. And why not? Moms are still the ones most likely to be changing diapers and wiping noses, and there’s no point in nursing a sense of grievance over the invisibility of fathers in children’s books. But where does that leave families who don't fit the traditional mold? And how does that help parents who want to provide caring role models to their sons? There are books out there, few and far between, that depict dads as co-parents and primary caregivers.... read more

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