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Natural Birth And Homebirth Articles

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The Midwives of London: the Waterbirth of Baby Diana

Thank you to Jennifer Barton for this guest post. When I found out I was pregnant, I was incredibly excited. And absolutely petrified. In addition to the big, scary questions – Is labor as painful as they say? Am I going to be a capable parent?  - I had another worry. Even though I’m from New York, I live in the United Kingdom. I would be having my baby in London, under a health system I didn’t know or understand. This meant free healthcare throughout pregnancy (score!) and also midwife-led care, unless I developed complications or had a... read more

My Perfect/Not-So-Perfect Moment: The Play Birth and BOLD Turn Five

BOLD 2011 Muskoka, Canada   “The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.” -       Anna Quindlen   I’m a perfectionist, or so I’ve been told. Recently as a mom being perfect has been a tough calling. This summer I’ve felt like the captain of team Loser Mom. The kids are dressed – probably because they are ten and twelve now and dress themselves – but the rest of my household is an utter mess. Perfect started slipping in June.   Now, late... read more

The International Rescue Committee Provides Pregnancy & Birth Support to Refugees in the US

For newly arrived refugee women, giving birth in a new country can be terrifying. The IRC’s pregnancy support program helps make the experience easier – and joyful. Baltimore, MD – After surviving a treacherous journey out of Myanmar to Malaysia, Hlawn Kim and her husband, Van Run Sang, were thrilled to arrive in the United States as part of the International Rescue Committee’s resettlement program. But just as they were getting used to their new life in Baltimore, Kim became pregnant with their first child. For newly arrived refugee women,... read more

At Home in Maine: a new online film series about homebirth

Homebirth in the US has increased by 20%.  “At Home in Maine”, a new online film series about homebirth and midwifery care shows us why.  The series features eleven films that present authentic intimate portraits of the homebirth experience and is produced by filmmaker Nicolle Littrell of Woman in the Moon Films.  Several of the films also look at the politics around homebirth, including a campaign for licensure by Maine’s Certified Professional Midwives.  The films can be viewed via rental or as a digital download at: www.mainehomebirth.wordpress.com “At... read more

The Right Livelihood Awards Recognizes Ina May Gaskin

The Right Livelihood Awards, which gives four awards every year to put the spotlight on solutions to global wrongs, recognizes Ina May Gaskin (USA) “for her whole-life’s work teaching and advocating safe, woman-centred childbirth methods that best promote the physical and mental health of mother and child.” From Right Livelihood’s site: Ina May Gaskin has been called “the most famous midwife in the world.” A pioneer in a millennium-old profession on the brink of extinction in her country, she combines scientific evidence and analysis with her own broad... read more

Historic Home Birth Consensus Summit releases statements

In late October, sixty-eight national and international experts gathered to discuss home birth at the Home Birth Consensus Summit, held in Warrenton, Virginia, an hour outside of Washington, D.C. Yesterday, the group released nine “statements of common ground around home birth and other controversies in maternity care.” The statements are available in full at http://homebirthsummit.org/. In addition to various health care professionals and home birth consumers, stakeholders at the summit included lawyers, policy makers, researchers and ethicists. Chair of... read more

Homebirths on the Rise

The CDC reported today that homebirths are on the rise in the US.  Michele Deck, President of Lamaze International, responds to this study “Trends in Home Births in the United States: 1990-2009.” Read her response and then tell us why you chose a homebirth.  The nearly 30 percent rise in home births may reflect the growing awareness among women of the gap between evidence-based care and the typical care women receive.  This trend suggests that women are increasingly interested in taking their maternity choices into their own hands. The choice for home... read more

U.S. Home Births Increase 29% In Five Years

  A CDC report notes a dramatic increase in home births from 2004 to 2009. The rate of home births among non-Hispanic white women went up 36%, making one out of every 90 births to these women a home birth. Some report highlights: *The CDC report acknowledges, “Home births have a lower risk profile than hospital births, with fewer births to teenagers or unmarried women, and with fewer preterm, low birthweight, and multiple births.” *The majority of home births are attended by midwives. *Rates of home birth vary widely in... read more

Mothering › Natural Birth And Homebirth › Natural Birth And Homebirth Articles