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Simple Living Articles

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Minimalist Living: Finding a Balance

Thank you to Rachel Jonat from Minimalist Mom for this guest post. This is part three of her three part series for us on minimalist living. Read post one and two. Check out her site for even more great information. Radical minimalism, counting everything you own and moving into the smallest living space you can find, isn’t for everyone. When I first approached simplifying what we own I felt intimidated by the more extreme approaches. We love where we live, I do like my espresso machine and our 1100 square foot condominium – small for North American standards... read more

Frontier Life

On the drive home this evening, my three year old was feeling a little grumpy. ‘Don’t ask me about my day, Mama,’ he warned with a growl as I buckled him into his seat after I picked him up at day care. So I didn’t, and silence filled the car until the moment I rounded the corner onto our street, at which point Gabriel nearly broke out of his five-point harness for pure joy, shouting, ‘Look, Mama! It’s the MAIL TRUCK!’ Sure, he likes trucks. But the excitement that melted away his bad mood was all about the mail. If anyone happens to notice when Miss... read more

Creating a Healthy Home

I imagine many Mothering families can relate to The Healthy Home author Dave Wentz when he says that having a child made healthy living more of a priority for his family than before.  That was how the book began.  Wentz, with his father biologist Dr. Myron Wentz, “set out to prove that you don’t have to be a scientist–or even a cave-dwelling technophobe–to protect your family from the toxic influences found in modern society” in The Healthy Home. The Wentz’s focus is on health, not necessarily “green living” (though the two certainly overlap significantly),... read more

Toyota Shows “Social Good” Side with 100 Cars for Good Campaign

For many small nonprofits, affording something as basic as a vehicle to carry out their work can be a near impossibility. Whether it is delivering meals to an elderly person, moving injured animals to a safe shelter, or transporting a sick child to and from a doctor’s appointment—a car is a necessity that many causes cannot live without. Toyota, who has a long history of corporate philanthropy, is recognizing the importance of filling this need with their 100 Cars for Good campaign, launched earlier this year. The 100 Cars for Good campaign is Toyota’s... read more

Win a set of stainless steel lunch containers from LunchBots!

This giveaway has ended. The randomly chosen winner is Amy, comment #331. Congrats! You will be emailed. If you didn’t win you can still grab up some great LunchBots on their website! – Win a set of 4 LunchBots stainless steel lunch containers! One each of our most popular items including: -Blue Uno – The perfect container for packing a sandwich, sushi, burrito — your favorite lunch to go. -Orange Duo – The ideal container for snacks. It has a divider for crackers and cheese, fruit and nuts, and more. -Yellow... read more

Using Herbs for Customized Pest Control

  Bugs, bugs, and more bugs!  Some are cute and cuddly, others outright nasty.  Then there are those sneaky ones that can devour a garden seemingly overnight.  I have a no nasty rule in my home and on my property, meaning that I will happily spend an entire day pulling weeds because I refuse to use horrible chemicals on my plants, and on the land.  Because I love to garden, and am definitely not a fan of bugs in my home (even if those daddy long legs do keep other bugs at bay, they still have to go), my arsenal of natural and safe pest control is... read more

How to live without electricity in a heatwave

Thanks to a freak storm bearing a name no one recognized, Washingtonians are being thrust into figuring out how to live without electricity.  The Derecho not only created a post-apocalyptic scene around town, it also led to some pre-industrial conditions.  Hundreds of thousands of people were without power.  In the middle of a heat wave.  The worst heat wave ever. I feel a little bad commenting on these circumstances since I still have power, and a gorgeous ceiling fan is whirring over my head.  But I do think that I have some experience to bring to bear for... read more

Fun and Easy DIY Strawberry Lip Balm

I’ve always said that I’m not a good crafty mom.  I’ll take my kids on a hike, a bike ride, or swimming all day long, but when it comes to creative indoor ideas, I’m definitely lacking.  Recently however, my kids and I have been having a ton of fun making our own body care products that we all use and love!  They get to help create something from start to finish, taking pride in the fact that what they make is equal to anything that they can buy from the store – a confidence boost in that lesson for sure!  And together, we’ve bonded indoors and have found a craft... read more

Mothering › Simple Living › Simple Living Articles