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Family Bed And Nighttime Parenting Resources

  Looking for information about cosleeping? We've got a great list here for you!    Click here for a list of Mothering Magazine on-line articles about co-sleeping, the Family Bed and related topics. Get started with this great article by Mothering's founder: Sleeping With Your Baby by Peggy O'Mara   Basic Instinct A dad can do so much more than defend the cave. New research shows that he too has the biological goods to nurture baby http://www.todaysparent.com/lifeaspa...1225399&page=1 Children Need Touching and Attention, Harvard... read more

Breastfeeding 101: Beating the Booby Traps

by Kristen Tea of MotherWise   In the past 4 years since becoming a mother and an enthusiastic breastfeeding supporter, I have learned that myths about breastfeeding and formula are running rampant.  I am left frustrated and concerned that our formula culture has won, that our mothering instincts have been trampled by the corporations that would prefer a dollar over a healthy child. Most significantly, I have seen many, many mothers state that their breast milk never came in, or that it dried up after a couple months.  I know that some women genuinely... read more

Co-sleeping Best For Kids up to Three-Years-Old

A new research study shows that co-sleeping is best for kids right up to ages three and four.    There is actually a wealth of research that I discuss in my book, to support co-sleeping, yet it rarely makes the headlines in the mainstream.  Most parents fear that co-sleeping and SIDS are interlinked and it simply isn’t true.  Unless you are grosly overweight, a smoker, or a heavy drinker/drug user the safest, and most desirable, place for your child is right by your side for as long as they want.   Many co-sleepers have a family room/bed that... read more

The Reluctant Co-Sleeper

(Photo courtesy of http://katelyndemidow.blogspot.com/)         I am going to commit a huge natural parenting faux pas and admit something…. I kind of hate co-sleeping. I don’t actually 100% hate it.  There are lots of beautiful things about sleeping with your kids.  But, since I am complaining (I will get back to the good stuff later) I should mention some things that make me think I won’t miss this stage. ~Being squished ~Waking up numerous... read more

When Attachment Parenting Makes You Crazy

Every once in a while I hear about a mother struggling to be the perfect “attached parent” and feeling like she is failing miserably. I don’t know exactly what attachment parenting means to you, in fact, I am not sure what it means to me. But I do think that many of us feel like failures if we haven’t checked off a million things on our “perfect attached mom” list. I hear women expressing guilt over the fact that they don’t : -cloth diaper -nurse two kids -nurse past a year -co-sleep -do crafts or are feeling overwhelmed... read more

Why Are We Afraid to Admit the Difficulty of Attachment Parenting?

Last week I shared a short post here on Mothering Magazine about how attachment parenting can make you crazy.   I have actually posted many times on my personal blog about my difficulties, frustrations, and yes, love of attachment parenting.  How hard this type of parenting (or really ANY type of parenting) is for me is no secret.  I am a mom and sometimes I struggle. When I share these thoughts on my frustrations with AP the response is overwhelmingly positive.  There are many, many other mothers who struggle as I do.  There are other women who are sleep deprived... read more

When Do Babies Sleep Through the Night?

Babies don’t sleep through the night until between two and three years of age. I wish this weren’t true. I wish I had a magic wand that would take away the challenge of night waking, but I’m afraid it comes with the territory. The good news is that it does get better; the bad news is that it’s not over as soon as we’d like. My personal experience with four children tells me that it takes about two years for the nervous and immune system of a child to mature enough to foster the ability to sleep through the night. Sleep has developmental milestones... read more

One nap every day?

Did you know astronauts nap? While two fly the plane one takes a 40 minute nap. NASA found that for 26 minutes of that time the astronaut was asleep and the entire 40 minutes boosted their performance by 34% and their alertness by 54 percent. This got me thinking about all those “stop” signs I went through when my kids were young and I was severely sleep deprived and how a 40 minute nap could have been my ticket to… well, less tickets. Lately I’ve been obsessed with napping, of sorts. Not the fall flat-on-your-face-and-collapse nap (I know those... read more

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