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Take a Nap, Make a Better Birth Choice

I posted this on my BOLD blog, but I thought I”d repost here for all you pregnant mamas (and not pregnant!)! For those of you who have read my Mothering Magazine blog you’ll know my new obsession lately is napping. Not just any nap, but a yoga nidra nap. I’m so nap-happy this year that starting on Mother’s Day I plan to commit to taking one nap every day for a year. And I want you to too. The science is out there: naps can be life-changing, increase productivity, elevate mood and a yoga nidra nap can do even more – including helping moms... read more

It's Not The Baby's Fault That I Can't Sleep

  This baby is a good sleeper but I'm not It’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m wide awake. A post on sleep was not in the line-up for this week’s blogging but here I am in a pitch black 50 degree house and all the other topics I had planned to write about (weird but normal in postpartum women, how Cheri Huber stuck a gun in her stomach and pulled the trigger before she found Zen Buddhism, more on the philosophy behind going diaper free) feel irrelevant right now. I remember my father having insomnia. From my room I would hear him go downstairs... read more

More on Sleep (or Lack thereof)

“Getting any sleep?” This seems to be the question of choice that well-meaning strangers, family members, and friends all ask me. I guess Americans enjoy talking about sleep and in our culture we equate babies with sleepless nights. Plus I’m practically holding up a sign with the dark circles under my eyes and my mussed hair: SLEEPLESS LADY. Usually it’s not the baby’s fault. Four-month-old Baby Leone does what a baby needs to do: wakes up at night to nurse or to use the potty or to let me know that her diaper’s wet. Then she goes right back to sleep... read more

Guest Blogger Stacia D. Kelly on Peaceful Bedtime

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We’ve all been through it, the hours battling a small body to fall asleep, the endless tossing and turning and the “I don’t wanna go to sleep. I’m not tired yet.” We cajole. We sing. We dance. We offer favorite toys. We offer promises (bribes); five nights without a battle, and you can get a new toy or whatever it is with which we can bribe them. And later, when our patience runs out and they really need to be to sleep, we start threatening and trying to reason with a small tired body that is already beyond reason. Two... read more

Guest Blogger Stacia Kelly Returns with Crystal Clear How-To

The Stillness Game: a script to help you relax your child down to sleep In a previous post, I discussed the art of creating a ‘stillness game’ with our young one to help him learn to relax down to sleep. While there are a plethora of CDs, books, and MP3s (I know, I’ve made one too) out there to help you, sometimes, it’s best for your child to hear your voice in helping them to relax down to sleep. I’ve found that the keys to relaxation with children are voice and music. There are a variety of methods out there from Transcendental Meditation... read more

Cosleeping and Breastfeeding: the perfect combination

By James J. McKenna Issue 114 September/October 2002 Mothers and infants sleeping side by side, also known as cosleeping, is the evolved context of human infant sleep development. Until very recent times, for all human beings, it constituted a prerequisite for infant survival; outside of the Western industrialized context, for the majority of contemporary people, it still does. Because the human infant's body continues to be adapted only to the mother's body, cosleeping with nighttime breastfeeding remains clinically significant and potentially lifesaving. This is... read more

Crying for Comfort

By Aletha Solter Issue 122 January/February 2004 The term “cry it out” refers to the practice of leaving babies in their cribs without picking them up, and letting them cry themselves to sleep. A modified version of this approach is to go to the baby every few minutes to pat her on the back or reassure her verbally (but not pick the baby up), and to increase the length of time gradually so that the baby eventually “learns” to fall asleep alone. But there is no doubt that repeated lack of responsiveness to a baby’s cries—even for only five minutes at a time—is... read more

Bed of Roses

By Stephanie Nakhleh   Cosleeping was no fun at first. Instead of the nighttime bliss I'd been promised by attachment-parenting enthusiasts, my baby often acted like a nocturnal animal—prowling the sheets in the wee hours, howling for no clear reason. I felt cheated. Where was the state of harmony everyone had told me about: those sweetly synchronous sleep patterns, the magical ability to sleep through midnight nursings? Almost everyone else in the world did this, right? Why was it so hard? In exasperation, I talked my reluctant husband into trying to train our... read more

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