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Reviews by: Sk8ermaiden

Great for new babywearers


Pros: easy to use, secure

Cons: panel can be annoying

This is a great carrier and one I often recommend for new moms, especially if they want to learn back carries. So many parents are scared to put their child on their back, and the panel on this basically makes it foolproof. It can be a nuisance for nursing, and once you have the hang of back carries, it can become an extra step, but at that point you can buy a Gemini (or better yet, hunt down a 4gen like I did.) The safety and comfort in this is great and if the panel doesn't bother you, you can easily wear it until about 20 months old. At that point usually a toddler carrier would be more comfortable for parent and baby.
Mothering › Sk8ermaiden › Reviews by Sk8ermaiden