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My 4 and 7 year old LOVE this program and are making great advances


Pros: Advances based on child's skills, great customer service, FUN,

Cons: Price

My son is 7. We follow a child-led philosophy for homeschooling. However, I have been ringing my hands about his reading. (He doesn't really do cvc.) He's the kind of kid that if you were to mildly encourage something he would stop doing it for a couple years. Still, I've been trying to find something to encourage his own discovery of reading.   Well, I found it. It's a computer game that he loves and I think is brilliant. He asks to do it several times a day. After about a week he was on the program 12 hours and 42 minutes. (I got that info when I looked at his online record.) My four year old is also using it, though she started doing it independently later than he did...
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Mothering › SundayCrepes › Reviews by SundayCrepes