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Reviews by: nataliebassoon

Comfortable to use


Pros: ease of use, dishwasher safe, no need for electricity, use anywhere, inexpensive

Cons: can only pump one side at a time, not hands free

I never could get comfortable using an electric pump- so this pump was essential to my nursing success.  I found I was able to pump more milk, more quickly and comfortably than with an electric pump.  As some others have mentioned, the IQ valve makes it work significantly better, but I think that comes standard now.  It's quiet, quick and easy to clean, and easy to get replacement parts if something gets lost or damaged.  All the parts are able to be completely sterilized, so you can pass it along to a friend or re-sell it when you don't need it any more.  It's also MUCH less expensive than other pumps, so it can be a good place to start with pumping if you're...
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Mothering › nataliebassoon › Reviews by nataliebassoon