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Best carrier for infants


Pros: Easy to use, attractive, large pocket, comfortable

Cons: Became hard to use once child was around 30 lbs

I used this carrier literally every day for my son's first year of life.  We really loved it!  I especially liked the pocket which I used for my keys and cell phone and sometimes a spare diaper.  Every time I wear this, I get a compliment.  The craftsmanship is excellent and the fabric is very sturdy but breathable.

Wonderful for bigger toddlers


Pros: Tall shell, sturdy construction

Cons: Not for use with young infants

The Boba is a dedicated toddler carrier.  It is constructed well and very easy to use.  I really like the look of it and the size really does accommodate a large child.  It cannot be used with infants under 9 months.

My favorite toddler carrier


Pros: Very easy to back carry, very comfortable, cute

Cons: Short so not as stable for an older, larger toddler

I bought my Ergo when my son was just over a year old and about 30 lbs.  It quickly became my go-to baby carrier.  I strap the waist strap and then toss my child over one shoulder, pull the straps up, and buckle the chest clip and he is securely on my back in seconds.  It is really exceptionally easy to use and the quality is superb.  I highly recommend the Ergo carrier to anyone!
Mothering › StoriesInTheSoil › Reviews by StoriesInTheSoil