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Really Like This--Great Value, Easy to Use


Pros: price, portability, design, slanted bed (reflux)

Cons: none

We co-sleep--and have for all four of our babies.  When I was expecting #4, we were getting ready to move--and DH had moved all of the bed rails.  I was looking at "real" cosleepers, but couldn't justify the cost for something I didn't think I'd use very long.  I saw this--and decided to give it a try.   I love it! It was super easy to assemble--and I set it up next to our bed.  DS4 slept in it from the start--and also used it when we moved.  It was very easy to fold up and put in the car--much easier than even a pack-n-play.     It was great when DS4 had a bit of reflux, as the bed is slanted--so it helped a lot.   DS4...
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Mothering › umsami › Reviews by umsami