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Calms symptoms but not 100%


Pros: Safer than mainstream teething products, dissolve easily

Cons: Isn't strong enough for severe teething pain

My 7 month old has been gnawing on his fists and drooling so I decided to try the Hyland's new teething tablets. I used teething tablets on my first two kids and they didn't help much, but I don't like the dangers of mainstream teething products so continued using them.   I first dissolved 2 tablets in water and put in my baby's mouth and he seemed to just swallow it. Didn't seem to help much, so the next day I put 2 tablets under his tongue, one at a time, and they dissolved pretty quickly. He made a face like he just tasted a lemon but after 5 minutes I did notice much less gnawing and drooling so I do think it helps. A couple of hours later he was back to gnawing and...
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Mothering › JFTB1177 › Reviews by JFTB1177