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Reviews by: CrunchyChristianMama

Great Convertible Seat


Pros: narrow, high weigh limits, comfortable

Cons: have to remove from car to change strap positioning

We love this car seat and plan on getting another one for our second daughter.  It is very soft and comfortable for her and is very heavy duty.  It's very heavy since it's made of steel.  The only down side is that you have to take the seat out of the car to adjust the strap positioning which is not the case on the Evenflo Triumph Advance that we also own.  Overall though, I prefer this seat to the ETA. 

Great cover


Pros: keeps in the leaks, great fit

Cons: white edges get stained

I used these covers over homemade fitted diapers on my newborn.  They worked great at keeping wetness in and fitting around her tiny legs.  The only down side with them was that the insides and white edges get stained.  Some of it was from poo and some of it just from the dye in the fitteds.  Either way, after only a couple months of use, they look a lot older than they are.  They help up well though despite their appearance.

Great Prenatal


Pros: organic, whole food, real folate

Cons: have to take 3 a day

I researched prenatals for a while before I settled on this one.  I wanted a vitamin that was derived from whole foods and that was organic.  It was also really important to me that it contain actual folate and not folic acid.  I took it all throughout pregnancy and now while nursing as well.  I feel like you actually absorb the nutrients and don't just pee them out.  :)

Must have book for every woman


Pros: informative, visuals

Cons: long

I wish I would have read this book as a teenager.  I can't believe I made it well into my 20's without knowing the information in here about my own body.  I have now used that information to get pregnant with our second child and avoid getting pregnant with a third.  It's too bad that it's not required reading for girls as teenagers.

Not worth it


Pros: Cute pattern

Cons: Not wide enough

I registered for this cover since it was the only one they had a Babies 'R Us at the time.  I never end up using it because it doesn't do the job well.  It's too narrow and has odd cut outs on the top corners.  I was also given a Bebe Au Lait cover and always use that one instead.

Attractive baby gate


Pros: appearance, stability

Cons: price

We bought this gate for the archway between our dining room and office.  I picked a gate specifically for appearance because I knew we would be leaving it up for years and it's in such a prominent place in the house.  We've been happy with how well it has held up and how nicely it blends in with the decor.  My 2-year-old even stands on the bottom part and it doesn't give way.

Good for the first few months


Pros: compact size, storage space attaches easy

Cons: only works for a few months

We had this gifted to us and is was wonderful for the first few months.  After that, my DD outgrew it and was moved to her crib.  It would be a great co-sleeper for someone who doesn't plan to or want to cosleep beyond the early baby stage or if you only had a very small space to put it in.

Great little potty


Pros: small size, contour fits little bodies well

Cons: dumping is kind of messy

I bought this potty to keep in our van to use on the go.  I love it's small size and how easy it is for my tiny toddler to sit on.  The one piece design is nice as well and you don't have to take it apart to clean it if not all the potty makes it into the bowl.  It is a little bit of a pain to dump out though, especially for poop. 

Soft, durable wipes


Pros: soft, size, colors

Cons: two layers shrink differently

I have 24 of these wipes that I use on both of my girls.  They are so soft and absorbant.  The only con is that the top layer is kind of bubbled up because it apparently doesn't shrink as much as the bottom layer.  They are great to use for nose wiping as well because they are so, so soft.

Nice tea to support nursing moms


Pros: nice flavor

Cons: didn't notice much difference in milk supply

This tea has a nice, mild, licorice flavor.  It's nice with some honey in it.  I didn't notice much of a difference in my milk supply while drinking it, but I also didn't drink large quantities of it or take it very regularly.  It did seem to bring my milk in a little more quickly though when I drank it after my second daughter was born.
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