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Reviews by: katelove

Our favourite carrier


Pros: straps cross over at the back, adjustable base width to accommodate shorter legs, fabric is soft not scratchy

Cons: back support is a little bit low for a back carry

We bought this carrier when my LO was 5 months old and it has been our favourite since then. DH and I use it more than any other carrier.   It is easy to put on and the two-handed safety clips are simple to use.   We haven't tried it with a baby younger than 5 months but, with the adjustable base, I think it would work well for a smaller baby. It is still going strong 13 months later and I can comfortably carry our 17 month old.   I have tried a back carry with this carrier but I find the back support a bit short to securely hold my LO who does tend to fling herself around a bit. But this is the only con for me.
Mothering › katelove › Reviews by katelove