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Reviews by: lizsky

Pretty good nursing pillow


Pros: easy to wash, comfortable, multiple uses

Cons: a little too rounded for newborns

I tried the boppy and my brest friend and strongly preferred the boppy.  Because the My brest friend pillow has a strap, it did adjust to exactly the height at which I wanted to nurse.  However, the strap and odd shape of the Brest Friend also made it incredibly difficult to wash which led to a pillow that reeked constantly of spit up.   The boppy is softer, and SO much easier to launder.  It also can be used for pregnancy, or to prop up a young baby during playtime.  If I could change one feature it would be to make at least one side of it a little flatter...when my baby was brand new, she would sometimes slip because the pillow was so round.  

hard to wash


Pros: easy to adjust to the right level for your baby

Cons: hard to change cover and wash

I had heard that this pillow was better than the boppy and tried it for a few weeks.  I liked how I could tighten the strap to get my baby to the perfect height for nursing.  However, my baby spit up a lot and I found this pillow cover very difficult to remove to wash.   The shape of the pillow makes it awkward to get the cover on and off, and when I did remove the cover, the pillow was just exposed foam, and I realized that the spit-up had soaked through into the foam-yuck.  I was disappointed that an item for babies who are known to be messy would be so difficult to launder.   

Lasts a LONG time!


Pros: Works well for babies through big toddlers, weight is distributed to adult's hips

Cons: pocket is too small

I nannied for years for a family that had multiple carriers and wraps and the Ergo was by far my favorite.  It was the only one I found easy to use AND comfortable for carrying bigger children.  So many carriers, slings, and wraps would give me shoulder or back pain after hours of use, but never the Ergo.  I've worn my daughter in it on extensive hikes and it distributes her weight evenly to my hips.     I don't think the Ergo is ideal for newborns, even with the infant insert.  However, from age 5months and older, its my go-to carrier.  If I could change one thing, I'd re-position the pocket so that the zipper was on the top, rather than the side...
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My favorite liner


Pros: great fit, two snap settings, stain resistant

I have tried 4 different brands of mama cloth and Talulah Bean products are my favorites.  These liners fit in my underwear and stay put better than other brands I've tried.  I think having 2 snap settings helps a lot.  The minky is soft and stain resistant and the sewing is outstanding.  
Mothering › lizsky › Reviews by lizsky