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One of my faves


Pros: good fit, trimmer than some pockets, stay dry lining is great

Cons: has issues with aplix over time, prone to repelling issues

I have to say BGs are among my favourites, they have always fit well and held up so far for almost 2 years. I am in process of having my 3.0s converted to snaps because the velcro is wearing out, but they are washed and dried in the dryer 90% of the time with natural fibers so they tend to velcro to them. My 4.0s with snaps are fantastic, I bought them with snaps knowing the velcro tends to wear out and they are both mine and DHs go-to dipes. I have a number of other pockets to compare them to (FB, CB, Blueberries, kawaii, HH AMPs, and others) and while the fit is a bit trimmer on FB and CB I find that the microsuede used in these feels dryer and doesn't turn grey like the CB and FB...
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Mothering › is it puppies? › Reviews by is it puppies?