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Loved Kawaii baby diapers!


Pros: Good fit, good for big babies, durable, cost-effective

Cons: Can't think of any that are specific to this brand

I bought a dozen Kawaii baby one-size pockets in snaps after doing a lot of research, and I must say that all those positive reviews for this diaper are right! I bought these diapers for their larger dimensions that fit bigger babies, as well as their cost. The microfiber inserts are easy to clean and dry quickly even when line-dried. They contain blowouts much better than disposable diapers!   We used them everyday for at least an year and they held up very well. I did not put them in the dryer, but I don't think that would make much difference to their durability because they are built well. Yes, there were a few split seams and some pilling when we were done with these but...
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Mothering › jody2010 › Reviews by jody2010