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Even my DH can use this!


Pros: easy learning curve

Cons: had to wash a lot to regain shape

I agonized over what baby carrier would best fit my needs.  Being the cheapskate that I am, I didn't want to end up getting a whole slew of carriers (ha! says the girl with 5 carriers now...), and I thought the Baby K'Tan would be the most versatile.  After all, the product description did say that it would work up to 35 lbs...and look at all the different carrying positions you can use with it!  Well, while it didn't live quite up to the idealistic expectations I had for it, it was a great first carrier for me.  First off, I shied away from the Moby because I was afraid I just wouldn't get the hang of wrapping. I believed in babywearing so much that I didn't want...
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Mothering › johanna84 › Reviews by johanna84