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Works everytime!


Pros: safe, natural, no side effects, melts in mouth

This is the first thing we reach for when my little one is having a rough teething experience.  I love that they melt easily in the mouth. I definitely notice a difference in my baby soon after giving the recommended dosage. We've been giving 3 tablets before bedtime so that our little one can get some rest. I can't recommend this enough!!

Good so far


Pros: easy to hold

Cons: smells like rubber!

My 4 month old can handle this toy easily and can manipulate it however she chooses.  She likes to suck on sophie's face. However, after about 5mins she seems to get frustrated with it and begins to fuss and immediately stops playing with it. I can't figure out why she does that.  Maybe the smell or taste bothers her?  The smell is very strong and I wonder if it is "healthy".  I've thought twice about not using sophie because of the smell.  Also, things obviously stick to the rubber easily.  I often find little pieces of hair or other random junk on it.  I rinse it off frequently throughout the day just in case little dog hairs sneak onto it.

Great wrap!

I use this a lot around the house.  My baby girl enjoys being in it.  I haven't had a problem with it stretching out too much.  I've washed it 3 times and the color has not faded.  Very easy to use once you know the basic set-up wrap.  I like the black because it looks good with all my clothing choices!

Love this!

I bought this to go with my Ergo Sport carrier.  When I am out and about I hate carrying a purse when wearing my Ergo just because I need a place to stash my keys wallet and cell phone. This works perfectly.  It fits my large wallet some hand sanitizer, lip gloss, cell phone, keys and some cash.  I never have to carry a purse when I wear my little one! It fits nicely on the belt.  When I position it on the front of the ergo my husband says it looks like a fanny pack and he refuses to wear it like that..lol  He wears it on the side of the belt.

Love it! It's our go to carry for long trips around town.


Pros: baby loves it, comfortable,sturdy,well made

Cons: I wish they had more colors/patterns

We bought this because we live in southern California and we go on hikes quite frequently. We wanted something that worked for us everywhere we went and this Ergo does!! My little one always falls asleep in it and never fusses. It is comfortable to wear.  We bought the infant insert to go along with it but we never used it.  At 3months old my daughter fit nicely with out it.  She actually hated being in the ergo with the insert.   I recommend this to everyone! :)   Price: We called Ergo company directly and asked if they had any gently used ones and they did!
Mothering › Blessed1 › Reviews by Blessed1