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Reviews by: Mommel

I only use it when the other one I have is in the wash.


Pros: holds diapers, doesn't leak

Cons: stinky, weak snaps, poor design

It seemed like such a great idea when I bought it, but I had no experience with babies or diapers then... who ever thought a diaper bag should stay open all the time? Gross!! I'll take the more cumbersome two-hands required to close bags over the more convenient, hands-free, but significantly more stinky design every day of the week. Once it reaches a certain capacity (not full), it pops right off the door knob leaving an open bag to spill dirty wet diapers onto the floor... add to that the fact that my mother can't ever seem to figure out how to configure the snaps to attach it in the first place and it's a clear loser in my book.     

Glad I Bought it Second-Hand


Pros: a nice idea

Cons: extra fancy blanket storage

This is one of those things I thought for sure I'd need but didn't. My baby sleeps in bed with me and has never once slept in his co-sleeper. I suppose it's a nice idea, but it ended up being glorified blanket storage, so we gave it away. It was sturdy, looked nice, assembled and disassembled fairly easily, but I'm glad I bought it used (gently used, now I know why) from Craigslist. I passed it along to a friend who may use it, but as a single mama with a queen size bed, it was a pointless purchase for me.    

Good for Grandma


Pros: safe, stylish

Cons: cost, ease of care

My mom bought this for us because although I co-sleep in my bed with baby, grandma has a health condition that makes it unsafe for her to nap in the same bed with him, so she sleeps next to him in his Moses basket. While a bit pricey, this basket is beautiful and simple and serves its purpose. As for washing and replacing the liner and matching blanket, it's harder than it looks. I struggled with it for quite a while before I managed to get it back on, and it sometimes pops off when I move the basket.  

Another for the Give Away Pile


Pros: great for sitting on post partum

Cons: pointless, costly piece of nursery decor

The Boppy was one of those things I saw on everyone's must-have list of baby supplies, but I never even used it for breastfeeding. I ended up sitting on it post-partum like a donut cushion, and once I propped baby against it on the bed when I ran to the potty, but as far as a breastfeeding pillow, the whole concept was lost on me and it went into the give away pile with a whole host of other things I thought for sure I'd need but didn't. I'm a minimalist mama and I can't stand extraneous stuff... this was definitely extraneous beyond being a glorified and extra plush donut cushion.            

Wish I Were More Impressed


Pros: soft, durable

Cons: elastic needs to be re-tucked after washing, re-sizing is labor intensive, costly

I was so excited to buy FuzziBunz after researching reviews, but I was wary of the cost, being on a budget. Even so, the durability and quality implied in the cost appealed to me. I pre-washed them as directed, sized them down to the smallest size in preparation for my little guy's arrival and used them right away. I was immediately disappointed after the first washing. All of the leg elastic tails became untucked in the wash, so in addition to re-stuffing the diapers I would have had to re-tuck the elastic! After trying to wrangle an infant and re-tucking only three diapers, I tossed all 12 dipes into the give-away pile. 240 bucks wasted!   I spent the same amount on twice as...
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Make Your Own & Save Money


Pros: great carrier, versatile, simple

Cons: cost, one size fits MOST

I purchased my Moby wrap mostly because I thought it was on sale and when I got to the register and it wasn't actually on sale after all, I made the impulse decision to keep it and not put it back on the shelf. I think Moby-style wraps are great, but essentially you are paying a boat-load of money for a long piece of fabric. After buying it, I went to my local fabric store and purchased two lengths of similar fabric for the same price I paid for the Moby. I added four cute patches to my cart, some rubber bands, twine and some RIT dye, went home, split the lengths of fabric lengthwise and went to work tie-dyeing my four wraps and sewing the patches onto the center where the Moby logo...
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Mothering › Mommel › Reviews by Mommel