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we love our maya


Pros: great for breastfeeding, looks great, easy for travel, easy ups and downs

Cons: can be kinda difficult to get the hang of

This was possibly one of the best gifts I've ever been given - by who else but my midwife. The maya wrap has been wonderful, I feel like we have been a walking commercial for it, we get comments on it almost everytime I wear it. Pros: awesome for breastfeeding, looks good, he is snug as a bug in several different positions, great for getting him to go to or stay asleep, I can attach his pacifier to the ring (I know pacifiers boo but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do) its small and easy and light for travel, very easy to wear if he's going to be up and down Cons: can be kinda tricky and uncomfortable if you get it twisted

love love love my sleepy wrap!


Pros: safe and snuggly affordable looks good folds up compactly available in many colors daddy friendly unisex design

Cons: sometimes too warm and has a learning curve not always the best for breastfeeding not great for lots of ups and downs

The sleepy wraps have really worked well for us, we started at 2 weeks and he is 4 months now, there was a short time when it wasn't working because he was stretching his legs out trying to stand and kick but after I figured out he just needed his legs out he was ready to go again.  Breastfeeding - it's been a little difficult, basically if we are both calm and maybe even have a mirror he can get in it right and I look pretty decent and he can still look around while he eats but that said I don't recommend it if your hot and uncomfortable and nervous in a crowd and your baby is hot and hungry and crying then not so much. Forward facing - although nap.com does not say that the...
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Mothering › theonlykimi › Reviews by theonlykimi