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Reviews by: stizler

Not the best


Pros: cute colors

Cons: leak, weak velcro, liners do not last.

I used these as my first cloth diapers with my first child.  I bought 4 of the smallest size and never bought any more.  I then discovered one and two size diapers that are way more economical in my opinion. Anyway, I found that the liners leaked and the elastic in the liners did not hold up after only a few washings (I followed directions for washing too).  I was pleased to discover that I could buy more liners, but then realized that I would be buying them a lot, along with the next sizes up.  I did not use their inserts, I just used prefolds folded inside so I don't know about their inserts, but they are expensive.  It's a nice idea, having the liners snap in...
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Mothering › stizler › Reviews by stizler