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Reviews by: Partaria

Basic Ideas; A Tad Judgemental


Pros: Well-written, Attachment Parenting Advice

Cons: Judgemental, Can be Hyperbolic

This book strongly advocates for attachment parenting practices. In that vein, it's a wonderful read. The author is very convincing, gives concrete examples on how to implement attachment parenting methods, and touches on the long-term results of attachment parenting.   That said, I was a bit turned off at times with how the author seemed to leap to conclusions about the futures of children who do not receive letter-perfect attachment parenting. For example, in one passage in the book, the author gives the example of a parent who exiles a toddler from the family bed before the child is ready, saying that the child can comfort himself alone in his room with a brand new teddy...
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Mothering › Partaria › Reviews by Partaria