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Kozy really is the gold standard!


Pros: Super supportive, stunning, well made

I did not have this specific print but I did purchase a Kozy Carrier.  I must say it is the most amazing mei tai or SSC that I have tried.  In fact, I prefer it over a SSC!  It's very supportive, well made, and has some of the most gorgeous fabrics available.    I love the pocket that can be added to the front - very non descript (unless you want it to "pop").  If I "had" to come up with a negative it would be that this is made of good weight canvas so it's a little stiff at first but with use (especially a wash with dryer balls...) it'll soften up quickly and it a bit bulky when folded up.  That being said, I found my SSC to be...
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Mothering › TheSlingMama › Reviews by TheSlingMama