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World's Coziest Carrier


Pros: comfortable, attractive, secure, portable

Cons: have to set baby down to wrap, takes time to wrap

I was intimidated by this product when it was first introduced to me, as it seemed like too much work to get on and not worth the hassle. After trying one on, though, I realized I had misjudged the Moby Wrap! Though it takes a minute to get on and you have to set baby down while wrapping it, this wrap stays on securely and baby can be taken in and out easily for diaper changes or feedings. It's super comfortable for both mom and baby, a wonderful hands-free "cuddle" for newborns. Older babies and toddlers can also appreciate it when carried in different positions allowing for more freedom of movement. I highly recommend this for any parents of new babies!
Mothering › MrsJPS › Reviews by MrsJPS