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Best Baby Carrier


Pros: Organic, Infant Insert & Sleepy Hood included, VERY COMMFY, NOT BULKY!

Cons: Cost $140 but worth it!

This is one of the best investments you can ever make! We LOVE our Beco, best idea ever! The reason we chose the Beco over the Ergo is because we felt it was a bit more comfortable than the Ergo and it offered a bit more. For starters, the Beco came complete with sleepy hood infant insert, and it was organic ($140). The Ergo was a bit more expensive, the carrier with infant insert and organic was going to be close to $200, the Beco was the better value, more attractive and not as bulky as the ergo. Second, we liked the fact that Beco’s are made in California, we like to support products made in the USA. Third, the Beco’s body is taller and slimmer vs the Ergo wider and bulkier....
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Mothering › jPapa › Reviews by jPapa