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Reviews by: mommybaker

Love the comfy fit


Pros: fits even a bit more curvey women

Cons: a bit too stretchy once they reach 20 pounds or so

I really like my Moby for the comfort and fit.  My only complaint is that the support was not there for toddlers.  I wore mine all winter, it had great coverage and kept my ds really snug!

Swaddlebees are so soft!


Pros: They are really soft and absorbant

Cons: The fit could be hard if you have a chubby baby.

I only had one swaddlebees and had a hard time getting the fit, but I also had no experience with CDs at this point in my life.  They are really really soft and a great at absorbing.  I really liked them for that.  My only dislike was the fit, but again, that could really be because of my inexperience.  I am excited to try them again this time. I received mine as a gift.  
Mothering › mommybaker › Reviews by mommybaker