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Reviews by: mhemingson

Good smelling, light lotion


Pros: Nice sparkle, royal jelly, paraben and phthalate free

Cons: "fragrance", not organic

This was a gift. This lotion has a delightfully light scent to it. The natural mica in it also gives the skin a natural glow. The thing that's special about this lotion is that it has Royal Jelly in it, which is a highly nourishing substance fed to the Queen Bee. The only thing I would change would be the "fragrance" (which could include harmful chemicals) and I would make it organic.

Soothing, nourishing cream


Pros: Coconut oil and lanolin are healing

Cons: ingredients are "natural" not organic

I like this foot creme. It is very thick and has a great smell. It is especially healing on the dry, rough patches of my feet. The only thing that I don't like is that it is not an organic product. Also it has the ever ambiguous listing of "fragrance", which could include many harmful things.

Effective and natural sunscreen


Pros: Doesn't wash off easily, natural

Cons: small SPF, pricey

The thing that attracted me to this sunscreen first was the fact that unlike almost all other sunscreens, this one does not wash off when swimming. This means less sunscreen "run-off" in lakes and oceans. This sunscreen also uses organic materials and is one of the gentler, least toxic ones that I've found. We like it a lot and I feel good about using it on my toddler.

Great for disinfecting the air in a room


Pros: Clean, disinfecting smell, uses essential oils

Cons: alcohol is one of the ingredients

We take this spray with us whenever we travel. We'll use a couple of sprays to disinfect the air in the room we're staying in. This has also been helpful when our child or us become congested or feel under the weather. It's clean smelling and very refreshing. I bought this on sale and found it to be a great bargain.

Yummy smell!


Pros: Great body spray, yummy smell

Cons: not a great deodorant

The scent is refreshing and uplifting as only citrus can be. I really enjoy this as an all-over body spray, but as a deodorant it just doesn't last. The scent lasts for a little bit, but under the arms it quickly goes away. I'm always a fan of natural ingredients and ethical practices. If you buy this I recommend you use it as a body spray instead of as a deodorant.

Okay shampoo


Pros: great scent, organic, essential oils

Cons: doesn't rinse easily, leaves hair greasy after one day

I'm not a shower every day kind of girl, but when I use a shampoo I expect it to actually clean my hair and keep it clean. Now I know that it's a nourishing shampoo and perhaps a little too nourishing for my hair, but I still don't think my hair should be greasy the next day. I also often get out of the shower only to find that my hair still felt a bit sudsy. I would then have to rinse it again. It's hard to find a good organic shampoo and maybe this isn't right for my hair type. Hopefully you have better results than I.

A little bit goes a long way


Pros: Small amount, No SLS or sweeteners

Cons: Sometimes my teeth don't feel clean afterward

I stumbled onto this tooth "paste" at a health food store that had sample packets. After one try I was hooked. The powder bubbles in your mouth and cleans your teeth with it's effervescent action. It also actually adds minerals to your teeth and naturally strengthens them, all without harmful chemicals. Sometimes my teeth don't feel 100% clean afterward, but then again I don't think I brush for as long as I'm supposed to either. 

Premium Floss


Pros: Essential oils, enzymes, vegan

Cons: Mint flavor is weak

It's hard to find a good floss that isn't laced with chemicals. This little box is economical and eco friendly. The essential oils are very beneficial and naturally antibacterial. This floss lasts us a long time and we feel good knowing that it is good for us. It's even been at some of our larger grocery stores.

Nice to have on hand


Pros: Organic cotton, chlorine/plastic/perfume free

Cons: Disposable

I use cloth pads, but wanted to have something on hand for when I was traveling or had a surprise period (my are slightly sporadic). I like that these are cotton and free of the harmful ingredients in conventional pads, like chlorine, plastic, and perfumes. They are small and easy to stick in a purse or a pocket. My only thing is that they go in the garbage, but as far as disposables go, this is a good brand.

Good natural product


Pros: Natural ingredients, water-based

Cons: Pricey and hard to find

In an attempt to be classy while talking about this product, I will say that it is hard to find a natural lubricant that doesn't have propylene glycol or other harmful ingredients in it. This is one of the few companies that makes something like this. After having a baby, body chemistry can change and this product definitely helps intimate moments with one's spouse. I found that it was a little expensive and harder to find (I stumbled on it by accident). I would recommend this product.
Mothering › mhemingson › Reviews by mhemingson