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Reviews by: mhemingson

Smells Great


Pros: Smells really good, last a long time

Cons: uses propylene glycol and "fragrance"

This was my first introduction to natural deodorants. I was really impressed with how long it kept me smelling fresh. The apricot was pleasant and not overwhelming. It's also a clear stick, so no white residue. They only thing that I'm not a fan of is the fact that it has propylene glycol and "fragrance" in it. You can find this at large supermarkets which is a plus.

A deodorant you can feel pretty good about


Pros: Goes on clear, organic ingredients

Cons: stops working after awhile

I like this deodorant, because it is still allows you to perspire some while eliminating the odor. I want to get rid of those toxins, but I want to smell good doing it. I also like that it is aluminum-free. The only thing that I wish it did better was to last longer. Often, about halfway through the day it'll stop working and then I need to reapply. Not bad for an organic deodorant with no harmful ingredients.

Nice little facial every day


Pros: Natural, antibacterial, use water, exfoliates

Cons: spendy

I like anything that is natural and requires no chemicals. These cloths can remove even the toughest makeup with just water, because of the microfibers. I was skeptical at first, but it really works. They are also antibacterial and one of my favorite uses for them is for cleaning up my child after meals or for wiping his runny nose. I rinse the cloth and it's good to go again. Also, these cloths have a great warranty if they start to get a little worn down. They're a bit spendy, but will save you money in the long run.

Mildest baby soap


Pros: Mild, pure, no chemicals, tiny amount suffices

Cons: stings when you get it in your eyes

I've tried a lot of baby soaps and this one is the best. You only need a few drops at a time, so it's very economical. There are no chemicals in this, but when it gets in eyes it doesn't feel good. You can feel confident that this soap is pure, gentle, and will last a long time.

Feeding baby made simple


Pros: Recipes, cover all stages, fun

Cons: none

I checked this book at the library and as a first-time parent, I had so many questions about what to feed my child and when and how much. Dr Greene takes a really practical approach starting with in the womb and covering every stage even up to adolescents. I had no idea how big of a role smells play. I also love the chart he has for marking off how many times a certain food is introduced to baby in the womb, from the spoon, and self-fed. Great book and great resource for first-time and beyond parents.

Informative and Practical


Pros: Different sections and different levels of "green" living

Cons: None

I checked this book out from the library and devoured it. Dr. Greene gave great information on everything from the clothes you dress your baby in to the paint you use in the nursery. It raised awareness about the choices we make as parents for our children and offered different suggestions for ways that you could go green. I also liked that resources are included in the book. This is a good introduction to green choices for your baby.

This is a good monitor


Pros: Motion sensor, vibrates, 2000 ft range

Cons: Patchy coverage in concrete areas

We were gifted this monitor and have enjoyed the comfort it brings knowing that we can keep in touch with our baby through 3 senses: sight, touch, and sound. We can see the lights that reflect the sound in the room. We can also turn on the vibrate function that allows us to feel the sound even if we can't hear the monitor (i.e. when you're in a loud apartment laundry room). The sound quality is very clear, unless you are in a heavily concrete structure (i.e. a hotel). This is a good monitor and has served us well.

Easy-to-use clippers


Pros: Good handle, small

Cons: a little bit hard to see

We were gifted these after our child was born. It was always a little hard to see exactly where we were cutting, but it got the job done. I like the handle. It's a good size and fit for an adult hand. The clippers are easy to clean after use.

Sunscreen you can trust


Pros: No harmful products, small size, gentle for baby

Cons: pricey

California Baby makes great skin care products and their sunscreen is no exception. This stick sunblock is thick, but it doesn't leave a super white residue. It also has no chemicals and you can get this in fragrance-free form (that's what we have). You can feel confident putting this on yourself and your baby.

Good soap with nice smell


Pros: Gentle, not harmful, essential oils

Cons: doesn't work well in squirt pump

A little bit goes a long long way. This soap is so versatile and can be used for dozens of different things from cleaning your teeth to washing your hair. Dr. Bronner's is very economical and it has organic ingredients. We use the unscented kind on our baby with full confidence. The only thing that I've noticed is that the opening can get plugged easily with dried soap and that it doesn't really work well in a soap pump.
Mothering › mhemingson › Reviews by mhemingson