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This really works!


Pros: Reusable, comfy, wear up to 12 hours

Cons: Learning curve for inserting, need special cleaning

I won this off of Domino Pad's website and was very nervous to try it at first. I had gotten some cloth pads, but a silicone cup that I would insert myself made me nervous. I've used it for 3 periods now post-partum and it works pretty well. I still well wear cloth pads with it, but you don't have to, it's more for the fact that I'm not quite confident in how I've inserted it. It's really comfy. Once I've inserted it, I don't even notice it's there. You can swim with it and sleep with it. They're good for up to 12 hours. To clean you just rinse it and wash with a scent-free soap like Dr. Bronner's. I'm a big fan of them now and know that it's saved me so much money and peace of mind not...
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Very soothing


Pros: Mild flavor, soothing, organic

Cons: Must drink large quantities to see results, pricey

I'm not a fan of anise, but this tea has such a mild flavoring that it's barely noticeable. It is very soothing, especially at the end of the day. I did not notice a difference in my milk supply, but I wasn't drink 3-5 cups everyday. This is a good tea and is sourced with quality ingredients. 

Durable, but not a great gate


Pros: Durable, see-through

Cons: Pressure lock is not very secure

Essentially, you get what you pay for with this product. We are borrowing this gate and our infant was able to pull and/or push it down from it's locked position. The material is durable, but the pressure lock system is not as secure as a mounted gate. Please invest in something more sturdy that a 10-month-old can't push/pull over.

This actually works!


Pros: Sturdy, durable, can do many positions

Cons: None

My parents use this gate when their grandchild comes over, less as a play yard and more as an entertainment center protector. It works! My child can't pull it down, nor can he get around it. It is sturdy and durable and does what it is supposed to do. It seems as though there are multiple uses for this one product, which is always a plus!

Reusable Swim Diaper


Pros: Quick Drying, adjustable, cheap

Cons: Non-organic materials

I like that the diaper has a velcro waist as well as a tie in the front for extra security. The cotton cloth part in the crotch area is nice for comfort. There is also a mesh lining as well. It seems that this swim diaper is durable, because I bought it second-hand.The colors are still vibrant and haven't really faded either. The only thing that I wish was different, was that it was made of organic materials.

Beautiful Abacus


Pros: Colorful, durable, educational

Cons: Large and heavy

My child got this for Christmas. He loves the feel of the beads on his hands. The bright colors are great and make it appealing to look at. I can't wait to use this when I homeschool him. This certainly helps make education more fun when you have a colorful manipulative!

Cute Push Toy


Pros: Wooden, high quality, fun motion

Cons: None

I bought this at a second-hand store. Haba toys are high-quality, German-made toys. These toys will last if taken care of. The toy moves in a fun way, because the wheels are off-set. I attached a string to it to make it easier for my one-year-old and he loves pulling it everywhere! It is very durable!

Most comfortable pads


Pros: super breathable, comfy, natural, stay in place

Cons: stain easily

I bought these as an introduction to cloth pads. I read some reviews that rated these as some of the best cloth pads out there. They truly live up to the hype. These are so comfortable and stay in place really well. They're more like a disposable pad in that you change the whole thing. These can stain more easily than say Lunapads, but be sure to soak them in cold water before washing to prevent staining. 

Small step to cloth pads


Pros: Decent variety, colorful, organic

Cons: Pricey

I couldn't find the exact model of lunapad that I own, but this one is pretty much the same. Lunapads are very comfortable. They are breathable and are well made. The removable liner is easy to change and allows you to keep using the pad over the course of a day, while just changing the liner. As always, I'm a huge fan of organic. It's kind of expensive when you start out, but you will save tons of money over the long run as these will last years (around 5 or so).

Soothing and healing cream


Pros: Calming scent, soothes irritated skin

Cons: pricey for a small container

We first got this cream for my child's mystery rashes and dry skin. After several applications, we noticed that the dry skin was improving. My husband and I frequently use it on areas that need some extra TLC on our bodies as well. We also use it on cuts and bruises as well. 
Mothering › mhemingson › Reviews by mhemingson