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Works great


Pros: fastest test out there, easy to use

Cons: Pretty expensive

This works like most other pregnancy tests. There's nothing particularly special about it, except that you can find out 6 days earlier (rather than waiting for a missed period) if you're pregnant. This is pretty pricey for a test and is best bought on sale. The results are easy to read though.



Pros: natural, squishy, soothing, cute

Cons: long legs could be a hazard

My husband was skeptical when he saw how much I was paying for a small, rubber giraffe, but Sophie has proved her worth time and time again. My child loves to gnaw on her legs and head. This soothes his gums and makes for a fun toy when he's not teething. What would we do without Sophie? I've read a couple reviews that spoke of the legs as being a possible choking hazard, but you should be supervising your child anyway, right? Great toy. Invaluable.

Great Vitamins


Pros: Whole/ raw food vitamins, can take on empty stomach

Cons: Expensive, 3 a day

I've been using these almost my entire pregnancy and think they are great. I try to buy them on sale, because they are pretty expensive. I like knowing that there is nothing artificial in the vitamins and that they are whole/ raw foods. It helps me feel confident that I'm getting the nutrients I need while I breast feed.

Beautiful Crib


Pros: No drop down rail, convertible, teething rail

Cons: None

We bought this off of Craig's List and love it! It is a beautiful crib that is easy to transport and assemble. I love the fact that it is safe and has no drop-down sides. The mattress height is adjustable and the crib converts 4 ways. Wonderful crib!

Wonderful vitamins


Pros: Safe, natural, effective

Cons: pricey

I really trust this brand of drops. The ingredients are very few and are all natural. There are no additives. My son takes these happily from the breast. It's a little pricey up front, but the whole bottle is made to last you an entire year. Very good product!

Good for testing water


Pros: Clear about water temp

Cons: Not PVC, BPA, Phalate free

This duck did exactly what it's supposed to do. It was clear, on the bottom, when he water was too hot. The duck is cute and helpful. Unfortunately it wasn't free of harmful chemicals like BPA and phalates.

Nice tub for infants


Pros: Net for safety, small tub for soap, plug at bottom

Cons: tub too small for older babies

The net was easy to adjust and kept our baby in the water, but safe. The netting had a padded headrest as well. The plug made draining easy. Once our baby got older, the tub felt too small for him once we stopped using the netting. I liked the separate small tub for the soapy water. 

Great Car Seat


Pros: Comfy, goes from 5-100 lbs, headrest, side impact good

Cons: Need lots of space in car for it, installation not easy

Our child outgrew his infant car seat way to fast, so we got this one that will hopefully last him till he's done. It goes from 5-35 lbs (rear-facing), 20-44 (front), 40-100 (booster seat). It had very high safety ratings and ease of use. Installation isn't the easiest and you need a big back seat to allow room for the reclining part of the rear facing features. I like the one-handed adjustment of straps and the headrest that grows with your child. The color is a plus for hiding stains and spills. 

Durable and safe


Pros: Recycled material, safe to play with, durable

Cons: not super colorful

My child loves to play with these stackers. He likes taking them apart and chomping on them. I feel good, because I know that they're PVC, BPA, and Phalate free. These are easy to store and transport. 

A plastic riding toy


Pros: Durable and colorful

Cons: Plastic, requires batteries, loud

We were gifted this toy. It's plastic, made in China, and requires batteries. We took the batteries out, because it was loud and left little to the imagination. We didn't mind the "piano", but all of the other extraneous noises didn't really add to the toy. 
Mothering › mhemingson › Reviews by mhemingson