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An essential for EC


Pros: Perfect height and size for easy pottying

Cons: Not see through

I bought this from a second hand store. It has worked great for our child from 3 months old - now (13 months). It's easy for him to sit on. It comes up to help with aim. The only thing that could improve this is if it were see through so that you could tell when they actually go. 

Nice size for out and about


Pros: Keeps smell and moisture contained

Cons: Doesn't have a dry diaper pouch

This holds 2-3 dirty Fuzzi Bunz diapers (depending on how many inserts you use). I've never had a problem with wetness leaking through. Also, we've never had a problem with it smelling. There is a small fabric swatch for putting essential oils on to help with smell if needed. I don't really have any negatives for this diaper. It would be nice to have a dry diaper pouch for convenience's sake.

Comfortable Training pants


Pros: Organic, comfy, a little extra padding, but not bulky

Cons: Be sure to follow the weight guidelines for proper use

I bought these second hand for a great deal. These pants are great for Elimination Communication. They have just enough padding to absorb one missed pee. The extra material around the legs helps keep things contained as well. I like that the pants aren't bulky and organic material is always a plus. The weight restrictions do apply though, because my son is 25 lbs and the pants are a bit too big for him.      

Great diaper


Pros: easy to adjust size, absorbent

Cons: bulky

We bought these on a Black Friday Sale and got an incredible deal on them. They have been so worth it! We have used these since our child was 1 month and still use them now that he's 13 months. The elastic around the legs makes them very easy to custom fit and prevent leaks. The pocket is large enough to double up on inserts for night time and when the child starts wetting more heavily. They are easy to assemble. The only problem with this type of diaper is the extra "bulk" that comes from the thick inserts. It makes pants and clothes harder to fit. 

Great bra for low cost


Pros: Light-weight, feminine feel, doesn't get in the way of nursing

Cons: snaps can be hard to open and close one-handed

I've had this nursing bra for over a year now and it has definitely lasted. I like the lace on it as well as the light-weight fabric. The price is a bargain for what you get in quality. The only thing that I don't like is that the snaps are close to the straps, which makes it challenging to get them open and closed with one hand easily.

Decent Nursing Tank


Pros: Modest neckline, easy snaps, loose fit

Cons: isn't long enough, straps are fraying after 1 year of use

I've had this nursing tank for one year now. The snaps are easy to close and open with one hand. The neckline is modest and good for doubling under another shirt. Unfortunately, the straps are fraying after only one year of use. Also, the bodice could be a tad bit longer and provide more coverage on the bottom. 

Not a great nursing bra


Pros: Cheap, starter bra, snaps easy to do one-handed

Cons: not as supportive, doesn't retain shape easily

This was the first nursing bra that I bought. I was pleased with the snaps and how easy it was to open and shut them with one hand. The padding was good for hiding when it was time nurse (i.e. leakage, nipple hardening). I don't like that overtime the folds became more permanent in the material. It definitely stretched around the bust and leaves a gap at the bottom. I rarely wear this bra anymore. 

Love this nursing tank!


Pros: Discreet snaps, long, very comfortable

Cons: snaps aren't easy one-handed

I bought this one year after starting my nursing journey and wish I would have had it from the start. I like that it is long enough that I can bend over to pick my child up and still stay covered. It's comfortable to sleep in at night as well. The snaps can be undone quickly with one hand, but trying to snap them up again is challenging for me. I would definitely buy another one!

An essential for breastfeeding


Pros: Gets baby at a great height, wraps around sides

Cons: flattens out with use

The boppy pillow is a great item for breastfeeding. The pillow wraps comfortably around the body. It has a removable slip cover for those times when baby spits up. The pillow itself can also be washed which is convenient, though it has a tendency to come out slightly lumpy. Overall, this is a great aid to breastfeeding.

My first baby carrier


Pros: Quick to get baby in and out of

Cons: Can get uncomfortable after awhile

This was my first baby carrier. It took me awhile to figure out how to get my child in and out comfortably. I didn't like using it when he was a newborn. Now that he is a toddler it is great to wear him on my hip. This allows me to get him in and out quickly. The fabric is light-weight, but sturdy.
Mothering › mhemingson › Reviews by mhemingson