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Reviews by: Bugglette

Accurate; Easy to use


Pros: Lighted display, AccuBeep is convenient, FAST

Cons: Light turns off quickly

This thermometer is very accurate, and I love the AccuBeep feature which tells you that you have the thermometer positioned correctly and also when it is done.  The beep can be a little loud when taking your temp orally, but it is easy to cover the speaker with a finger.  The volume of the beep is perfect when temping vaginally.  I can easily hear the beep through the sheets and blankets, but it is not loud enough to disturb my husband.  The display lights up when you turn it on, and when you press the button.   The only con that I have found so far: the display does not stay lit for very long, and will be dark when the thermometer sounds it's 'completion"...
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Mothering › Bugglette › Reviews by Bugglette