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Reviews by: TabeaB

Babywearing Bliss


Pros: Lightweight, Stylish, Secure, Versatile, Washable, Child-safe buckles, Infant Insert included, Comfortable, Newborn to toddler weight range.

Cons: No pocket for wallet or keys.

I thoroughly enjoy my Beco Butterfly 2. My husband is a whole foot taller than I am and only minimal adjustments are needed to switch my child in the carrier from me to him. I love how secure the buckles and straps are. I prefer having the inner T-panel as I never need to worry about my daughter falling out. We use it almost every day, and seriously could not have survived the first year without it! Naps while out and about are crucial, and they were only made possible with my BECO!
Mothering › TabeaB › Reviews by TabeaB