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Pros: 1.Very comfortable for the mom/dad! 2. My HUGE 3 month old loves it 2. Easy to take on and off 3. Very stylish

Cons: 1. Strap rubbed my arm until I re-adjusted it 2. Not really any storage space

  I am a part of the Mothering Mavens program, so I did not purchase this carrier.  It was given to me so I could wear it and then give positive and negative criticism to the company that makes the carrier.   The Boba 3G.....it truly was "love at 1st wear".  Why?  It was SOOO much more comfortable than the Ergo (the carrier I was using until I received the Boba).  To be fair, my Ergo is 6 years old and probably a very old version of what they currently make.  With that being said, the arm straps on the Ergo always felt like they were falling off my shoulders and the side straps rubbed against the sides of my breasts.  The Boba straps rubbed...
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Mothering › sillymom44 › Reviews by sillymom44