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Reviews by: Brambleberry

Indispensable parenting tool - comfy too!


Pros: Comfortable for parents and baby, hood for sleeping, easy to adjust

Cons: infant insert works but is awkward and hot, can't face outward

We tried several carriers and the Ergo baby was the only one that really was comfortable for both me and my husband and our daughter too.  She is 21 months now, and we still find the Ergo indispensable at times.     She didn't like to be swaddled as an infant, so slings and wraps that impeded free movement of her limbs didn't work at all.  There were times when she really wanted to face outward, and we had a cheap infantino carrier a friend got at a yard sale which we would use for those times, but it was very uncomfortable for me and bad for baby's spine to be carried that way too much.  We used the infant insert (the heart-2-heart insert) until she was...
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Mothering › Brambleberry › Reviews by Brambleberry