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great diaper


Pros: good absorbancy, sweet patterns, snaps and no leaks

Cons: fabric can break down after multiple washes

These are great diapers. We love the patterns and overall design. Great absorbancy, no leaks. I love the snaps - much better than velcro. Hold up better than velcro after lots of use. A couple of these have  torn slightly inthe wash after a lot of washes - just the outer fabric....they are still completely serviceable. Overall a good diaper

great product - easy for LO to use on own


Pros: easy clean, magnet to hold potty seat in place, slow close lid

Cons: high price

Wonderful produce. We needed to replace our toilet seat, and this was a great choice. Easy to clean, my DD can be completely independent...Pull up her step stool and open seat. The potty seat is easy to pull down..held in place with a magnet....and to put back up again. I love the slow close lid - it means it is not possible for the lid to be dropped back down heavily and loudly....which is great for night time trips and little hands. The potty seat can be snapped out once no longer needed. Only cons are the high price and the fact that if the potty seat is left down and the lid closes...there will be a loud snap noise as the potty seat is reattached to the magnet before it closes...
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not great for fostering potty independence


Pros: handles, footrest while on potty.

Cons: bulky, too big for little people to set up on their own, difficult to clean

I purchased this thinking it was a great idea. However - although my LO could get up and down from the potty with ease using it, it required adult set up and supervision. The handles allowed my DD to feel more secure while on the potty, the seat was comfy and I liked that she had a footrest while on the potty with this. In the end I parted with this in favour of another kind of seat. This one was too bulky to store, too big for my DD to set up and take down on her own, it was not the easiest to clean...and I've always had somewhat of an aversion to the cushy seats as I think they can easily harbour nasty germs.

great potty design


Pros: easy to clean, high deflector

Cons: wish had higher back and non skid base

I was lucky enough to win this potty as part of a prize package. It is wonderful, great convenient size. Easy to clean - great handle hold in front and pour spout at the back. High deflector keeps mess inside the potty. I wish that these aspects of it could be combined with the high back and non skid base of the Bjorn potty chair. But this is a great potty for the money.

great well thought out potty design


Pros: high back, non skid, easy clean, high rise in front

Cons: price

This is a great potty - bought this for DD to use at home. We had the smaller all in 1 potties at the sitter's and in the car. This one worked well for home. Great non-skid base - helped DD to feel secure when sitting down herself. Nice high back...my DD likes to lounge and read books (Everyone Poops) while on the potty - so this gave good support. The rise in the front helps when DD lounging too - keeps all nicely in the potty. I like the removable bowl - makes clean up easier - wish there was a pouring dip in the back (like with the Pourty potty which I was lucky enough to receive). It is expensive for a potty - but worth it for the design. I like that the design is functional and...
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basic training pants


Pros: inexpensive

Cons: low capacity

These were the first training pants I bought for my daughter. She was excited to wear them to begin with but soon was wanting different designs (less subtle) and something more real underwear like. They are inexpensive, relatively easy to find in store and online...but I found I had a lot of floor messes and clothes changes with them. Some other types of training pants seem to contain liquid better than others, these I would use in the middle stages of potty learning rather that at the outset. The ones I liked best for beginning stages had Pul between the outer fabric and the inner lining which allowed a little time for a potty run and/or underwear change before floor and clothing were...
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Great diaper pail liner


Pros: large, contains mess, easy to use

Cons: smells a little - absorbs some odor

I bought this to line my diaper pail with. It works very well. No leakage into the diaper pail. I throw it in to wash with my diapers. Has held up nicely over 2 years of use. It does absorb some odor though...but stink is contained within pail as I have carbon filter on top of my pail. The smaller tote works well for swim gear.

soft comfy liner - works for solids


Pros: soft, plentiful on roll, makes solid waste clean up easier

Cons: can wrinkle up inside diaper, doesnt not stop diaper cream getting through

I used these when my DD had a nasty rash....was trying to keep her in her cloth diapers (she has sensitive skin) while the rash was being treated. There were lots of  liners per roll which was great. These liners made solid clean up so much easier, and they felt nice and soft. However, they frequently would get ruched up inside the diaper, although my DD never complained. I was putting various diaper creams and other ointments on to treat the rash and used the liners to protect my cloth diapers. The creams still leaked through which made cleaning my cloth diapers properly almost impossible.

easy up and down for little hands.....good fit


Pros: great design, easy for small hands, no leaks

Cons: expensive

My DD loves these.....because of the Lorax image on them. I love them because they allow her a lot of independence when using the potty...she can do it all herself. Good stretchy panels on the side mean it is easy for her to pull them up and down, also no leaks. They tear away at the sides in case of large messes - which have always been contained in the training pants. The only con is that they are more expensive, but I feel good about the lack of chemicals and green materials so it is a trade off.

Great diapers - as always with 7th Generation


Pros: no leaks, no chemicals, good fit

Cons: expensive and because disposable not as green as cloth

My DD is a heavy nighttime wetter. I usually put her in cloth with an extra liner, but when traveling I used these. They worked well...no leaks, fitted well and didnt cause her to break out in a rash as conventional disposables do. They are more expensive than regular disposables, but for me worth it as the lack of chemicals means I feel good about putting them on her, and she doesnt get a rash.
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