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Reviews by: Sundygrl

Loose stitching on 1 inner soaker, only half attached. Great customer service, prompt response.


Pros: Great quality birdseye material. Quick to respond cust. service

Cons: Sloppy stiching. Wide waist.

After washing these 2x to prep the prefold-like birdseye material I noticed that one of the soakers had stitching that had come loose. After drying, the internal soaker was only attached halfway to the inside of the diaper.  Also, 3 of the dozen wipes I bought had 1/4 inch long areas where there was no stitching  after washing. 10 out of 12 of the wipes (flannel and terry) had 3-4 inch long threads (2 each) hanging from the end of the serging. I called customer service and after providing photos of the diapers and wipes was offered replacements for the defective items. My complaint was resolved quickly and professionally by Darci in Customer Service. I would do...
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Mothering › Sundygrl › Reviews by Sundygrl