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Great for boys - easy to clean, take along


Pros: Large splash guard, easy-to-clean one piece insert, handle for easy moving, steady base

Cons: Few leaks around legs, between frog eyes, but usually due to positioning or baby playing with himself :-)

This potty is great - excellent value & performance! (plus it's cute!)  My 9 month old DS took to it right away.  He is a big boy (30 in. tall - feet not quite on floor - & 27 lbs.) and this is the best potty I've found to fit him - slightly rounder/smaller bowl than Baby Bjorn potty chair (that one is more of a narrow oval - same depth), but haven't had any trouble catching both pees & poops.  The guard is a tiny bit higher & definitely much wider (better splash protection).  If DS is positioned properly (not leaning too far back or sitting too far forward) we don't have issues with leaks nor a smushed package. ;-)   The seat is plenty wide...
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Mothering › pickle18 › Reviews by pickle18