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Disposable option is a nice feature


Pros: Can be flushed or tossed, bio degradable, soft

Cons: Still gets the rest of the diaper soiled

These have been a life save for me. Even though I love clothing gdiapers when you are all out and they are in the wash a liner plus gpant plus this will last you a few hours until your other diapers are ready. I just really love the options this system gives me.

He is too big?


Pros: .

Cons: Seat too small, cheap feeling, guard too low

I bought this for my 15 month old so he could get used to the potty and he is just too big for it. I cannot imagine him ever sitting on it in a year. Its so small there is not way he could poop in it and I would have to seriously maneuver him to pee in it which of course would go every where because the guard is so low. He is a big kid but not bigger then the aver 2.5 year old

Not water proof? How the Heck does the diaper go in?


Pros: It closes?

Cons: Top Heavy, Falls over easy, not water proof, weird assemblhy inside is hard to clean, the opening is too small, gets gross fast

This thing is taking up space in my bathroom. Like I said above its just not for cloth diapering or any larger size disposable. It is complicated, holds orders and is so top heavy that if you open the lid it falls over.   not for cloth really. I prewash mine a little and throw them into a wet bag inside here. i could maybe fit 6 before it needed to be emptied. Its just not practical.

A little too watery but smells nice


Pros: Cheap, Easy to Find

Cons: Seperates, Does not get rid of rashes, stains

This was ok when there was nothing else but it is slow going. The amount you have to use and the duration you have to use it for makes it not very cost efficient. Sure it gets rid of the rashes but stains everything it comes into contact with and when you are on day 4 of your 10th application it can seem pretty daunting.   The scent is nice but for scent free babies you have to buy the more natural one which is even more watery but at least doesn't stain.   NOT CLOTH DIAPER SAFE   I could not get the smell and oiliness out of my diapers no matter how much I stripped them.

Its like a bumbo but more for chubby legs


Pros: Easy to clean, Cute, Two seats in one, tray, biiger seat for chubbier babies

Cons: the tray can be wobbly

I was so sad whn I tried to put my son in his bumbo the first time. his little legs would not fit. So after we returned it we found this seat. It looked so similar but its not. It was just what we needed. His little legs could fit without compromising blood flow. Its a natural product. It comes with the tray. His first foods were in this chair. The plastic is easier to clean and  it has more surface area on the floor so it doesn't wobble. PLUS the color part comes out for when he got too big for it. We have used to a lot and i am so glad we got it.

For The Hands On Mama


Pros: Lots of control, small, portable, car charger available, adjustable suction

Cons: Have to control suction with your thumb, need to replace filters often

I love this pump. I used a hospital grade pump when my son was in the nicu and this pump really was made just for mamas like me. It is not the put on the pump and sit while you type awesome reviews on great websites kind of pump. My milk was hard to coerce out and this pump gave me the control I needed to do it as efficiently as I could.   You have to control the suction with your thumb. Literally. there is a hole at the top of one of the bottles and you use your thumb to control how long the suction occurs for. I never in a million years thought I would get to know my boobs so good.   Though it is really hands on it was the fastest I could pump both sides. Better then...
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What a Great Idea!


Pros: Sturdier than most

Cons: hard bed, not really practical as a play pen

We bought this and man I thought what a great idea. But its really really hard. I am sure if i had made him spend more time it it he would have enjoyed it more.   It did work great. I was pleased with how sturdy it was. It just was not really for us. My free moving baby scooted to its ends fast.   Why did I give it four stars then you ask? Well I bought it for $150. Then i sold it on craigsist for $100. When I think about how much use I did get out of it I think it was a worth it purchase.

What a waste of.... Wait.


Pros: Fast, small, quick, through

Cons: If your baby hates baby food, not dishwasher safe

My son hates pured food. I mean really hates it. I found out after a weekend of peaches, and cantalopes, green beans and  squash. The baby bullet did great. I used it for hours. I leaked food into the motor area so much that it was leaking out of the bottom. It still worked and still does. I was so bummed my kid hates the texture of baby food. So I put it up sad I wasted $49.99 on something my partner thought was a silly purchase to begin with.   But then something amazing happened. I realized I needed to make a small batch of salsa and as I looked at my food processor and all of its gigantic counter space engulfing glory and complicate hard to maneuver and clean parts...
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Night Time Savior!


Pros: Holds so much pee its creepy, cute, easy to wash

Cons: Bulky, Weird tag sticks out, Hard to size to baby

In our quest to find a night time diaper that could defeat our heavy wetter in the nigh time pee battle we tried many things. And why I did not start here is beyond me. I went from changing sheets every night to once or twice a month. Sure he still pees through but rarley and usually due to user error. The math theme is so cute and looks so good on a baby bottom.   Its hard to fit. If you don't snap the snaps to fit it leaks, If you snap them too much its too tight on the leg and leaves uncomfortable indents which my son quickly protests to any over tightness. It's really bulky and for my already bulky baby he looks like a penguin waddling around especially in the black and...
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Sensitive Skin FTW


Pros: Great for babies with sensative skin, Soothing, Really really fragrance free

Cons: NA

We love this stuff. My son gets compliments from his pediatrician and strangers about how pretty his skin is. He will literally rash up just from the chlorine and junk in our tap water and this soap is the only one we could find that calms this down for him.   I cannot lie our whole family uses it now.   the only con is if I don't leave it in his hair for 30 seconds (which it says to do on the bottle) the baby stink will linger. But as he loves bath time this is never really a problem.   THE BIGGEST THING I HATE is that the dispenser only ever works half of the time. Every other bottle I buy the dispenser will not pop up. I just save a few working ones and...
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Mothering › LLQ1011 › Reviews by LLQ1011