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easy to put up and adorable


Pros: easy to put on any curtain rod

Cons: hard to find now

I love my baby's valance.  Its cute, was easy to install, and finding paint to match the green was a breeze. It was also a good price when I bought it.  However finding these now is more difficult, it looks like even on ebay they are going for $40 or more, so I would concur with an earlier posters' idea: find the bedskirt (equally cute) and make your own.  

the perfect play kitcehn food


Pros: wood, cute, easy to use, size perfect for little hands

Cons: gotta pick it up, easy to lose

We love these!   PRO wood is so perfect for this cute easy to use size perfect for little hands easy to lose, which, lets face it, this is alot of fun but picking it all up is a PITA.  So when one part gets lost, we toss that fruit.  When its gone, its gone, and buy a different set for the next holiday/event.   CON As I said, picking it all up is a PITA easy to lose so need to replace about once a year   The perfet play kitchen food set.

So fun!


Pros: thirty minutes of straight play time. Enough said.

Cons: pieces easily get lost

this is a popular one.  I keep it up except for playtime so that the poeces don't get lost as often :)   PRO thirty minutes of straight play time.  Enough said.   CON pieces easily get lost   Thirty minutes of peace, really impressive for one toy!

So stinkin cute


Pros: wheels work well, fits many cars, is wood, is CUUUUUUUTE

Cons: cars fall off when it rolls down two flights of stairs.

Its adorable, its wood, and its fun to play with.   PRO wheels work well fits many cars is wood is CUUUUUUUTE   CON The cars fall off when it rolls down two flights of stairs, and when thrown across the room. This is less an issue and more of a use frequency indication :)

Life in the dream barn


Pros: perfect size, portable, no pokey edges

Cons: now she wants "more horses"

We love this little barn.  Its not too big or too small.     PRO perfect size portable no pokey edges cute   CON now she is asking for "more horses".  How did I get the horse girl?   Love this little toy, its big enough to fit all her little animals and tiny toys but not so big she is overloaded with stuff or overloading our small rooms.  

Nesting blocks or box set :)


Pros: CUTE, works well, multifunctional

Cons: none

Cutest nesting block set ever. The girls love them.   PRO kids love them CUTE works well multifunctional, get one for each kid and presto, matching wooden boxes for the shelves.     CON none   OVERALL Its wooden nesting blocks, kids love them, adults can use them :)

cute Chirstmas toy


Pros: easy to use, popular with the 1 year old

Cons: easy to lose pieces, rolling the pieces is everyone's favorite activity

We love our melissa and doug toys.  They are more expensive but for the most part its well worth it. This one is super cute and will last for lots of Christmases   PRO easy to use popular with the 1 year old seasonal, so its less likely to be lost in pieces since its only out for a month a year   CON easy to lose pieces rolling the pieces is everyone's favorite activity   OVERALL We love it, its 15 minutes of entertainment that's fun to take pictures of to boot :)

Takes up less space but is over 2x the price


Pros: well made, cute, small footrpint in the playroom

Cons: 2x the price of IKEA's

My little girl was really into abacus's for about three months there, so she got two. This one from Melissa and Doug, and one from IKEA.  I bought this one because I thought, mistakenly, that it wasn't made in China.  Eh, wrong, its made in china, exactly like the one from IKEA.     PRO small footprint nicely made     CON over 2x the price when new compared to other brands   OVERALL Like it a little better for small playroom spaces. 

our new family favorite


Pros: made in America, works well, smells good but not overpowering, short ingredient list,

Cons: doesn't feel thick (because there aren't alot of thickeners on the ingredients list, which is short (see pros)

This is our new family favorite.  Its disappearing faster than our previous fav baby shampoo, but its also easier to use (love the pump!) and works for multiple things.   PRO a little goes a long way made in America works well smells good but not overpowering short ingredient list gentle enough for baby wash strong enough to do my hair (which is an oil slick by the end of most days)   CON not as thick as traditional baby soap.  Not really a big deal just takes some getting used to.     EO isn't kidding when it says its 3 in 1 soap.  This works well for all three purposes it says it does, which no other shampoo, bubble bath,...
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a five star product


Pros: many uses, fair trade, organic

Cons: expensive vs costco brand, need smaller jar for baby anyway

Been using coconut oil for baby rashes lately, and its awesome.     We bought some of this, before realizing that you can get twice the amount for $3 more at costco.  Since I put it into a smaller jar for use on the changing table anyway, we are officially getting it from costco in the future.   Works great ad has many skin care applications including dry skin, eczema, baby rashes, and you can cook with it for stir frys, its great!  We keep the main jar in the fridge
Mothering › fayebond › Reviews by fayebond