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Reviews by: Monica S

Wonderful simple hearty recipes


Pros: Focus on seasonal produce

Cons: None, so far

I recently made a trip to Big Sur, which for me always includes a mandatory stop at the legendary Henry Miller library. Every time I go there, I try to buy a book, as book sales is one of the few ways the organization keeps itself running. This time I settled another book, but Homesteader's kitchen caught my eye. I wrote down the name and upon return to civilization I ordered it through Amazon. The great thing is that Amazon has it new for very cheap through other vendors. I ended up paying only $5, when the original price is $20. A few days ago I received the book in the mail and I've been reading it before going to bed. I haven't yet cooked any of the recipes in the book, but made notes...
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Delightful, romantic, sad


Cons: None

I was a big fan of HCA fairy tales as a kid. Read every single one of them, and also had some of them as vinyl audio books. So much delight in listening to these stories played by famous actors. A definite classic for all kids everywhere.



Pros: Heals bruises and joint injuries like magic!

Cons: Wish its magic worked even faster! :)

I have sustained a knee injury at the begging of June this year and a friend recommended I should buy some Arnica gel. I bought the Boiron one which also included the pills that dissolve in your mouth. Have started using it after about 10 days after I had the injury and I immediately noticed dramatic improvements in the healing process. As soon as I used the gel, my knee started hurting less and less, the bruise started disappearing faster. The bruise was about 10 inches long, stretching along my IT band from the hip bone all the way to the knee.    I would recommend this to anyone sustaining joint injuries or needing to heal huge bruises. It really works like magic. 
Mothering › Monica S › Reviews by Monica S