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Great Replacement


Pros: Easy, Effective and Great for Travel

Cons: Small Learning Curve

I previously posted about my Avent double electric pump I had used for 6 months 3-4 times a day while at work.  I finally had enough of it and bought this to replace it.  The system is great, easy to assemble and I love the internal battery.  Not having to plug it in for every pumping session is extremely nice and the battery keeps charge for a longtime (I usually charge it every other week).  A feature to show how much battery you have left would be nice though. The tote is awesome too, very practical, and the pump is not very big/heavy compared to my previous pump.  The tote has extra room as well, I use it daily to carry my pump, supplies, lunch and a few...
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Mothering › JennaRose › Reviews by JennaRose