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Last forever - old school charm


Pros: Sturdy, simple, invaluable

Cons: Only useful with prefolds or flat diapers

So I realize that old fashioned cloth diapering is not for everyone, but it is by far the cheapest option and really easy. If you are planning to kick it old school, then you will need pins, and Sassy has you covered. These get the job done. Eventually (I mean after a couple of babies) the plastic may crack, but at this price, who cares? I have never had this happen while baby was wearing the diaper. Definitely a must have for the vintage style diaperer!

Industry standard swim diaper


Pros: Great prints, strong velcro

Cons: Faded a lot with minimal use

Bummis is a leader in cloth diapering, and their swim diaper is no exception. The prints are pretty cute. As with all Bummis products the velcro is like iron. The fit is fine on my average build girl, though I don't think she ever put it to the test by pooping. Since she really wasn't one to poop in the pool, my husband tended to reach for our pull on swim diaper more. I can see how poop clean up would be easier with this style. The fabric did fade quite a bit even though we were careful to rinse after use and wash right away. Overall I think this is a good value, and it is my top swim diaper recommendation. 

Adorable prints, pricey splurge


Pros: Amazing prints, attached insert, one piece, strong velcro

Cons: Pricey, some leaks, slow to line dry

Let me start by saying that if I lived in England/Scotland, we would probably diaper exclusively with Tots Bots. That said, I am in the US, so the increased cost of these associated with the guilt over our fossil fuel footprint make that impractical. I fell in love with the prints through their sister company Bummis (based in Canada) and splurged on a couple for my daughter. The prints are even more adorable in person. I was a bit perplexed by the attached insert at first, but quickly began to appreciate not having to look for a separate insert. We went with the velcro fastener and they are strong and held up well. We did have some leaks if my girl peed a large amount, but for the most...
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Old school magic!


Pros: Inexpensive, thick, works great

Cons: Not cloth diaper safe

So this is the stuff my mom plastered on my backside in the 1970s. The smell reminds me of childhood. Prior to the current cloth diapering craze, I cloth diapered my kids old school with cheap prefolds and pins. This was my go to for rashes, and always worked like a charm. My last baby was cloth diapered with "modern" cloth diapers, so we rarely used this, but always kept a tube on hand just in case. It healed up some nasty rashes! I especially recommend this for disposable diapering families. 
Mothering › cbwilke › Reviews by cbwilke