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Reviews by: short mom

back up stash


Pros: available at stores

Cons: velcro in back

I am not a fan of the diapers fit and design but appreciate that stores carry a cloth option. The inserts however are great. We use the inserts in our other pocket diapers and have had them for a while without odor issues. 

family favorite


Pros: bright color, soft and breathable

Cons: could leak at times

I had a very small baby and the extra small whisper wrap was our favorite. It was one of the only covers that was not way too big. I loved the fit and the bright color. It was great for daytime but would not stand alone for night wear. 

The price is wrong


Pros: Nice fit and soft fabric. Good fit and durable

Cons: price and drying time

These diapers are nice but they are expensive compared to other brands that are similar. Ours was well used but eventually the PUL gave out and we had leaks. I would purchase again but only for a preowned price.

Not to bad


Pros: Easy to care for

Cons: Velcro gets funky

These covers were pretty easy to use. I loved that they could be wiped down, dried, and reused. The only issue was that the velcro tended to gather fuzzies from the prefolds when washed. The tabs would come undone from the wash fold setting and stick to things.  I felt they were slightly pricey considering the durability of the velcro. 

love this print


Pros: The print on this diaper is so cute it could stand in place of clothes.

Cons: elastic too tight

I found the elastic in the legs to be a little tight for my baby. There were no leaks but I often saw red marks on her chunky thighs. I did really love this print and it was at the top of our rotation.

Perfect for a tiny tush


Pros: I liked how soft the fleece liner was against new baby skin. I had the red one and it was my favorite diaper for my 4lb newborn.

This was my first experience with a pocket type diaper. I appreciated the ease of use and the less bulky fit. The bright red color was a welcome change from the normal infant pastels. 
Mothering › short mom › Reviews by short mom