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The best sunscreen out there!


Pros: truly natural, effective,pleasant scent,cute design

Cons: Greasy, small bottle, expensive

I have searched high & low to find a sunscreen with 100% natural ingredients.  This is the only commercially available "natural" brand sunscreen that is really truly natural! The badger design's on the products are absolutely adorable! I was very pleased to purchase this sunscreen for my baby girl! 

Great product, Good value!


Pros: suds well, moisturising,nice smell, lasts a long time,100% natural ingredients

Cons: strong scent, more expensive than commercial shampoos

I bought this shampoo at target for my baby girl.  It is carried in most drugstores, so it it is very easy to find both in stores & online,  I am very cautious about what products I buy for use on my child, even the "natural" brands.  I read the ingredients on the label of this shampoo and there are no questionable ingredients. This product is made with completely plant sourced ingredients.  The scent is mild in my opinion, but it might be too herbal for some.  It contains myyrh which has a distinct smell.  I actually enjoyed the scent. I also took the time to research the company's origins, and found that they own their own company.  Many of the...
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Mothering › Serenitysmom12 › Reviews by Serenitysmom12