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Ultimate Flora Vaginal Formula 50 Billion by Renew Life 30 Capsules


Pros: Great to avoid yeast infections

Cons: Has to be kept refrigerated

I had to be on some major antibiotics for a strep infection in my leg last year. I always get a yeast infection when I have to be on antibiotics. It's bad enough to not be feeling good, but a yeast infection on top of that just adds insult to injury! I took this product the whole time I was on antibiotics and for 2 weeks after wards, and I didn't get a yeast infection. It was amazing!

Floridix liquid iron formula


Pros: Food based, easily absorbed.

Cons: The taste can turn some people off. Pricey.

I used floridix when I was pregnant and anemic, and my numbers went up quickly. I recently found that I was anemic and started using it again. The nice thing about floridix is that it's in a liquid food based form. This makes it easy to take if you don't like pills. The fact that it is food based makes it easier to absorb and less constipating than some of the other iron I have taken in the past. I actually like the taste, but I know some people do not. It recommends mixing it with juice to cover up the irony taste.



Pros: Great flavors

Cons: Some people don't want to bother with a drink.

I love emergen-C for when my family gets exposed to something or when we get sick. Emergen-C provides 1000mg of vitamin C. It comes in little packets that you can take anywhere with you and add to your water bottle. There are lots of flavors to choose from and you can buy it by the box or individual packets if everyone in the family likes different flavors. I also like the fact that when you take it, you are also getting 8 oz of fluid into you, and when you're sick, fluids are so important. My kids love the lemon lime flavor, but I prefer the tangerine.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega


Pros: High levels of Omega 3s. 3rd party tested. Distilled to the point where the heavy metals are well below FDA standards.

Cons: Can cause you to burp. The capsules can be a little large for some people.

Nordic Naturals is a great company as far as pure fish oils are concerned. Their fish oils are very low in heavy metals and PCPs. The Ultimate Omega is high in omega 3s and is very absorbable. The only down side is that it can make some people burp. Taking it with food helps with that.

Rainbow Light Sunny Gummies, 400 Iu


Pros: Great tasting and good source of D3 for kids.

Cons: A little sugary.

Rainbow Light Vitamin D3 Sunny Gummies are a great way to get vitamin D into your kids. D3 is what our bodies naturally synthesize from getting direct sunlight. Unfortunately, with the important use of sunscreen, many people are very low in vitamin D3. Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption, supports the immune system, helps with mood issues, and has many other benefits. The Sunny Gummies taste great and are nice and soft. Most kids love to take them. The only down side is that they are very sugary.

Boiron Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief


Pros: Works quickly

Cons: Need to take it immediately after being exposed to the flu or right after symptoms start to appear

Oscillococcinum is a combination of homeopathic remedies that is used to fight off and treat the symptoms of the flu. It also comes in a children's dose. It worked great when I took it immediately at the onset of symptoms. It also worked in preventing other people from getting the flu when they took it as soon as I came down with symptoms. But, when I got the flu and couldn't get any until few days into it, I didn't find it to be very effective at reducing my symptoms. It did seem to lessen the amount of time I was ill in comparison to other people who had the flu.

Gaia Herbs Elderberry Syrup


Pros: Tastes great and is good for kids and adults.

Cons: Can be a little sweet for some people.

Elderberry is a wonderful herb for fighting viruses, including colds and flus. The Gaia formula is a very pure natural syrup, and it is great for both kids and adults. It can be taken on an everyday basis and also when you are exposed or have an illness. I give it to my kids on a regular basis when they start school. Last year I was amazed at how many less colds they had and they just seemed to be sick less in general over the year. If they did get sick I would double the dose and give it to them more regularly, and their colds seemed to clear up more quickly. It can be a bit sweet for some people, but we overcame that problem by putting it in tea with a little lemon.

Hyland's-Muscle Therapy Gel With Arnica


Pros: This product works very quickly to reduce pain and inflammation to strained muscles. This product is also great for getting rid of bruises.

Cons: The gel is very liquidy and tends to run.

Product name:Hyland's-Muscle Therapy Gel With Arnica Brief description of product: This is a homeopathic gel that contains a combination of homeopathic remedies: Arnica Montana 2x HPUS, Hyperpicum Perforatum 3x HPUS, Ruta Graveolens 3x HPUS, Ledum Pal 3x HPUS, Bellis Perennis 3x HPUS. The combination of these remedies work synergisticly to reduce pain and swelling. Store/Site of purchase: Whole Foods Price: $7.99 How long have you used this product? About 2 months. Performance: Excellent. Quality: Hylands products are always of great quality, and this gel is no different. Would you purchase this product again? Absolutely. Additional Comments: I have used many arnica gels and...
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Mothering › QueenOfTheMeadow › Reviews by QueenOfTheMeadow